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  1. cbphoto

    First Day To Respect Trump

    Originally he had stated that he is going to declare a "National Emergency" which frees up around $3 000 000 000... (his staff between that announcement and the next day seemingly clarified him on this fact)... so what he signed the next day was a "Public Health Emergency" which is rumored to...
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    Another Mass Shooting In The Us...

    All crime is down in the USA. The amount of guns (more than ever) has absolutely nothing to do with this statistic. Your argument is often used by far right, conservatives and NRA members. As far as answering the question you did not above... many lawsuits have been filed against the NRA...
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    Selling Contents Of Apartment

    A link would be more helpful. Few people are going to risk downloading something from a person they do not personally know.
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    Any 4Th Of July Festivities Planned?

    With the current state... Not much to celebrate right now.
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    Taking My Artwork Out Of Argentina?

    When I have transported my own works (large framed photographs and art, Sculptures).. best is to pay for an extra luggage charge at the airport and skip customs all together. Paintings and works on paper can be laid flat or rolled in a large tube. Pay attention to extra size fees (L x H x W)...
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    Plastic Bags Banned From 1St Jan

    Amazing to see the complaining about what an inconvenience it will be bringing a reusable bag rather than using flimsy, environmentally harmful plastic bags! I have been using a very thin, strong, re-usable large bag that folds flat and can even fit in your pocket for years.
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    Painting Your Own Apartment

    Painting is at least 70% preparation (sanding, caulking, filling etc..) If your walls have peeling paint and or cracks... best 1st to scrape loose paint off. If cracks are larger, take a blade and make and enlarge a channel (like a v).. fill with a small beed of caulking.. once dry float with...
  8. cbphoto

    Argentine Buying A Computer In The Usa

    Some Argentine friends that had visited me over the years, had to show at EZE, receipts pertaining to their electronic items (and other items of value) on the way to the States, get them stamped by a customs official (to show they had purchased them in Argentina and not abroad)..and show these...
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    Getting Fbi Background Report As Soon As Possible

    Just did this for my German Passport application... in Germany. Sent fingerprints (done by the NYPD) 6 weeks ago from Europe. Still have not received Background paperwork at my US address... Here is a link...
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    New York City Hotel

    I stayed at this hotel a couple weeks ago: Great location (Lower East Side.. minutes walk to SOHO) Small, clean rooms, good views, modern. About $120 if booked through Airbnb
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    Any Expat Scientology Meet Ups In Ba?

    Well they used to have daily meetings at the Casa Rosada, but now that their leader of the Argentine sector has been forced to move out....
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    Can Somebody Recommend A Photoshop For Us Embassy Mugshots

    For my most recent passport photo I had tried several photo stores and the people taking the photos were quite clueless. As a photographer one should use a ¨Portrait Lens¨ with a focal length of 80mm and above. Using wider lenses close up will elongate-expand the size of your features in the...
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    An Interesting Quiz: Test Yourself For Narcissism

    I scored 17 the 2nd time around.. but found the options to be too black and white. I find I often fall in the middle.. so probably a healthy 15 almost "movie star" amount of narcissism :P Authority: 5.00 Self-Sufficiency: 3.00 Superiority: 4.00...
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    You Know You're Living In A 3Rd World Country When...

    http://www.hurriyetd...2&NewsCatID=469 An interesting article about another country I lived in for 6 years.. just prior to Argentina. I feel it covers well, the issue of societal breakdown that not just Turkey faces.. but several if not all countries in varying degrees.
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    Cfk: Us Preparing To Kill Me And Topple My Govt

    R U insinuating that RFK is bat shit crazy?
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    Arte (Tv) Site About Argentina (German/french)

    Was just checking out the German version.. really nice what i have seen/heard so far..well done :)
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    Please Help, Still Looking

    Might have a home for him... sent link to a friend. :)
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    Scammed Out Of A Poodle :p

    What I find amazing... coming up with the whole idea of raising Ferrits, injecting them with steroids..just so you can scam people out of $150 (probably a $50 profit) ...pathetic
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    Scammed Out Of A Poodle :p
  20. cbphoto

    People Who Cheat Expats

    "Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure." - George Carlin :)