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  1. Fettucini

    Room for rent in Palermo Soho with Double Bed & AC

    We'll have a room coming free in our amazing house in Palermo. It has a double bed and AC. It's a large house with two terraces, BBQ, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. More info here: The...
  2. Fettucini

    Losing Residency

    Hi, Was wondering if anybody knows about this, if a foreigner with permanent residency DNI in Argentina leaves the country for say 18 months, will they lose their permanent residency status/ DNI in Argentina? Also, if one is to get residency in another country over that time, would they...
  3. Fettucini

    Transferring money from European bank account to Argentine account

    Does anyone know if there's a way of transferring money to an Argentine bank account from Europe? It's not a particularly large amount of money but needs to go into Argentine account to pay direct debit bills when not in the country. Used to be able to do it with Azimo I think but doesn't seem...
  4. Fettucini

    Room with Double Bed and AC in Beautiful House in Palermo

    Hi, We have a room coming free in our house in Palermo, with double bed and AC. It's a five bedroom house with two large terraces, parrilla, kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. Would be living with four other working travellers. Price is 450 USD/ month. More info below...
  5. Fettucini

    Sending money within the country

    I'm trying to send money to someone in Argentina from my Argentine bank account. Problem is they don't have a bank account and I'm not in the country right now. So would need to be some kind of money sending service, but not sure if any of them work for sending internally. Anyone have any ideas...
  6. Fettucini

    Shipping items from Argentina to UK

    I'm planning on sending a few things back to UK that I can't fit on the flight when i move.. things like surfboards, musical instruments.. does anyone know a shipping company that will send large objects like this from Buenos Aires to Europe? I'm happy if they're sent by sea in order to keep...
  7. Fettucini

    Replacing a lost DNI for a foreigner

    Has anyone tried to replace a lost DNI? I'm trying to get a turno on the website but it won't accept my DNI number for some reason. I'm wondering if it's because I'm a foreigner with a DNI instead of a national. Would have thought it would be the same...
  8. Fettucini

    Garage/ Moving Sale in Las Canitas

    I'm selling a load of things from my place in Las Canitas as moving. If anyone is interested they can reserve things, and then collect them around 10th October.. Will upload more things after i photograph them.. - Toaster - 700 pesos - Mini Malibu Surfboard (7,4") with pype bag - 4000 pesos -...
  9. Fettucini

    Good Time To Buy Property In Ba?

    Wondering what people think will happen to property prices in the coming years and if you think it's a good time to buy now. I'm thinking it could be a good time to buy as the economy looks like it could get a lot stronger in the next few years with the current government, now they're finally...
  10. Fettucini

    Permanent Residency After Three Renovations?

    Hi, does anyone know at what point you can apply for permanent residency after completing three temporary rentista renewals? Is it straight away or do you have to wait another year? I'm about to complete my third renewal..
  11. Fettucini

    Paypal Dollar Transfer For Pesos?

    Anyone know of someone who will accept a paypal dollar transfer for pesos?
  12. Fettucini

    How To Take A Car Out Of Argentina

    Hi, anyone had any experience recently taking a car out of Argentina? I own a car here and have temporary residency.. issue is my replacement DNI card hasn't arrived yet so not sure they'll let me take the car to Uruguay.
  13. Fettucini

    Where To Change Euros

    Hi can anyone recomend a good place to change euros for pesos?
  14. Fettucini

    Any Recommendations Where To See The Game Tomorrow?

    Any recommendations where to see the Argentina Holland game?
  15. Fettucini

    How Do I Get A New Dni Card After Temp Visa Renewal?

    I've just had my temporary residency renewed today at migraciones.. anyone know how or where to get an appointment for a new DNI card? I did it last year but cant remember how, and can't find anywhere on the migraciones site how to get it sorted..
  16. Fettucini

    British Association Issues Ultimatum To Argentine Government
  17. Fettucini

    Azimo - Transfers To Argy Account In Pesos?

    Has anyone tried transferring money with Azimo to a local bank account? If so, does it arrive in dollars or pesos? I only see dollar option.. So not sure if they change it before to pesos at blue or official before depositing in your account.
  18. Fettucini

    Paying The Maid In Blanco...

    Anyone had any experience making the payment of their mucama (maid) official (through AFIP) rather than in negro? Mine has asked me to do so but I'm not sure what the implications are, if it's about 50 hours per month. Anyone know?
  19. Fettucini

    Question About Rentista Visa Dni Renewal

    Anyone know if you're supposed to get a new DNI card when you renew your visa? I renewed my rentista visa a few months back but my friend who works at the dni office says there's no new card there for me. Problem is it says on the back that it's expired, and I need to drive my car across the...
  20. Fettucini

    Large Room With Ac In Beautiful House In Palermo $400

    The house is situated on a very quiet, green leafy street, just a couple of blocks from the best bars, clubs and restaurants of Buenos Aires. It's 6 blocks from plaza serrano and 3 from Palermo Hollywood. It's very spacious with two terraces (upper and lower) with parrilla, large kitchen, living...