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  1. cbphoto

    Scammed Out Of A Poodle :p
  2. cbphoto

    Visa question for USA.. for Argentine

    A friend of mine and his father (both Argentine citizens)...will be flying through Atlanta on their way to Europe for a holiday. They have a connecting flight..and have no plans to leave the airport (don't have a US visa) Is this a problem? Do they need a visa just to fly through the US?
  3. cbphoto

    Any fracking thoughts? Seems to me the Argentine government is about to destroy the beauty/environment of Argentina... for some quick short term $$$$.. hmmmmm money money money...give me some!!
  4. cbphoto

    "Argentines risking all..." Associated Press

    Any thoughts...?
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    take a chill pill...

    please...stop all you bitching and whining... yes their is smoke in the air, buses are loud, inflation, non refrigerated eggs, jam not as good as England, strikes bla bla bla... are you all nouveau x.pats??? (the ones that only complain)I am certain, no matter where on this planet you live you...
  6. cbphoto

    I will ask again... what should I expect at customs?

    I wrote this question earlier, but no answer??? I will be shipping some paintings, books, records, a sculpture and a few other items... are there some forms I should fill out b4? Should I set the price at 0?
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    Hi Everyone, I will be back in BsAs mid March... will have a bunch of books, paintings, photos, and records being shipped to me in the following weeks.... any recommendations about customs? Should I put the value way below, it's true value? Any kind of paperwork I should take care of before...
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    oops! 3 month visa expired...whats the penalty?

    I was supposed to leave town on the 3rd, but when I got down to Buykebus, was madness... 3 hour wait & 250 pesos to Colonia... I fly to Europe Wednesday evening...., but will be coming back to town end of February. Can I take care of this at the airport? Small fine?
  9. cbphoto

    New in town, what I LIKE about BsAs

    I arrived in BsAs about 3 months ago. Since I have been her I have enjoyed many museums and the huge amount a both domestic and foreign art in them. I have been to at least 40 restaurants, found the food delicious, the service polite and professional. I have taken long walks through several...