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  1. Rich One

    Former Macri's Ministros Declare their Capital Gains /Losses After 4 years in Govmt.

    Former Macri's Ministros Declared their assets Capital Gains /Losses After 4 years in Government Interesting reading, note that Patricia B. declares her 120 m2 apt in Recoleta to be worth $785,000, which is the AFIP value for tax purposes... The Values are adjusted by inflation...
  2. Rich One

    Legal Complaint against Cristina for Accusing Macri of Connections with Italian Mafia

    During her recent visit to Havana CFK accused Macri and his ancestors ancestors having connections with the Italian Mafia, and persecuting her daughter. CFK claims are deemed to be racist and Italophobic. CFK must be laughing all the way...
  3. Rich One

    Cash Extraction Increased to $8000 At Stores

    Increases the cash withdrawal limit in supermarkets, service stations and other stores up to $ 8,000 from previous $5000 limit. When purchasing with a (local?) Debit Card . At no additional Cost. (Beats ATM?)...
  4. Rich One

    Obama's Documentary "American Factory" Nominated for Oscars..

    Available on Netflix, may win on February 9th.Oscars's Night. Worth seeing ! to get a grip of the USA present labor scene and the Unions role...
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    Never Give A "Gringo " an Alfajor !. Publication Went Viral.

    "Gringos are never to be given an alfajor": the anecdote of an Argentine working in the United States that went viral A young man shared the reaction that co-workers had after trying the treat. Néstor Basilotta, owner of Alfajores Guaymallén , responded to the publication “The gringos are...
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    LATAM and Aerolineas Offer Air Tickets Avoiding The 30% Tax Surcharge

    Two airlines pointed out how to avoid the 30 percent surcharge on ticket purchases Latam and Aerolineas Argentinas issued a statement in which they enabled travel agencies to collect their tickets in foreign currency so as not to be reached by the PAIS tax. The ticket must be issued in dollars...
  7. Rich One

    American (USA) Club Buenos Aires.Recent Xp's.?

    The American Club on Viamonte St. Overlooking the Teatro Colon had some excellent food and events . Happy Hour networking, Seminars, etc. Any recent Xp's
  8. Rich One

    Dollar Bolsa The Most Popular Way to Get Unlimited Amounts of Dollars

    Google translate "The operation of buying dollars via the Stock Exchange is at this moment a boom. The possibility of buying dollars without paying the 30% tax and for amounts that do not have the limit of USD 200 per month makes more and more investors resort to this route until recently...
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    Not All 100 dollar Bills Are Worth the Same...

    Older Dollar bills in cuevas are worth up to $5 pesos less than newer versions... The government restricted access to the official exchange market, but opened opportunities in parallel market. Those who went to change their bills to the cuevas, blue market, found that "old" models of dollars...
  10. Rich One

    Amazon Presses the Brake on Argie US$800MM Investment?

    Cronista reports a slow down of Amazon's investment project in a Data Center in Bahia Blanca. "In spite of the intense rumors that assured that the giant of the services...
  11. Rich One

    B of A Mobile App Downloading?

    Need Help. to download the BofA mobile App to an Argentina phone format? Ay ideas? Also ways to deposit a dollar check to my USA account? Other than mail.?
  12. Rich One

    Best parrillas / steakhouses

    Alvear Prices seems quite fair.. At Don Julio Parrilla a plain bife de Chorizo no side dish/garnish is $1000 pesos so you can easily reach $3700 pesos in no time, if you ad desserts, wine, fries..!
  13. Rich One

    Ave Cristina Long Live the Queen

    Victory for Cristina, she appointed the President to rule under/with her for the next four years, with a sure option for another four then Maximo or Axel? Twelve years of Peronismo ? Seems Possible..! Unless there is Democratic Alternance ..?
  14. Rich One

    Dec. 10th. A New Bright Awakening, Alberto's and Cristina's Era

    Bright future ahead for Argentina, Alberto Expressed yesterday he will take care of Hunger , Jubilados, unemployed, etc. Alberto has a secret formula, will produce the Funds? Hallelujah..! (Same promises Macri made) Finally No more Piquetes , Paros del Subte because female workers Lockers not...
  15. Rich One

    Buy Garantia for Rentals in CABA

    A private company offers Garantia for Rentals in CABA, if you don't have a formal CABA Property to offer as Garantia. Clarin 30/11/19 You can apply online and be Approved in 24 hours? if you qualify. Requires DNI , CUIL , Employed 3 months, Proven Income, Payslip. Two...
  16. Rich One

    New CABA Temporary Rentals Law

    Google Translate.. "Temporary rentals in the City, which already concentrate 8% of the tourist accommodation offer, must be registered in an official register and have civil liability insurance, According to the norm approved 28/11 in the Buenos Aires Legislature. However, at the time of its...
  17. Rich One

    "Lula" A Case of Lawfare in Latin America According to CFK

    Is Lawfare also prevalent in Argentina.. Lawfare is a worldwide phenomenon and consists in the misuse of the laws for political purposes. The SOAS University of London is currently a point of reference in international law studies in England, where the term was used for the first time. The...
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    New Rental Laws Approved by the House/Diputados

    Real estate agents feel landlords will want higher rentals to be covered. Newly approved issues: 3 year Rental Contracts, annual rental review 6 month temporary Rentals , 3 month rent review Garantia mortgage, payslips, insurance , etc Rental Adjusted by a factor , Average between Salary and...
  19. Rich One

    El Zorro discontinued After 16 Seasons on Channel. 13...!

    After 16 seasons and much uproar El Zorro series was discontinued...! many complaints ...! However the last episode was not shown, where Don Daniel de La Vega. is discovered as being El Zorro..! Guy Williams born Armando Catalano in NY. died in BA alone in Recoleta To see the last Chapter of...
  20. Rich One

    Alberto Fernández doesn't like Bugs Bunny The president-elect stated that animated cartoons are a system of social control and rammed against Bugs Bunny, the historical Warner rabbit. Also Charged against Disney Cartoons..