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  1. jantango

    Australian bushfire cloud reaches Argentina
  2. jantango

    5G is coming to Argentina

    In September I listened to an online summit entitled 5G Crisis -- Awareness & Accountability hosted by Josh del Sol in the USA. I have access to all the talks and was listening to one of them tonight. I wanted to know if and when 5G would be operating in Argentina and if there is any...
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    All the flowering trees of the city

    Spring is my favorite time of the year when trees of the city bloom. I go walking the in Bosque de Palermo on Sunday morning to get close to nature. I'm still overwhelmed by the beauty that awaits all who take the time to look up. My daily walks in my neighborhood provide many flowering trees...
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    Global Climate Strike in Buenos Aires, Sept 20-27

    Friday, September 20, 1:00 PM Plaza de Mayo, Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen s/n, C1087 CABA Monserrat, 1002, Argentina Únete a nosotr@s este septiembre, mientras millones salimos de nuestras casas y lugares de trabajo a las calles para...
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    Universal Postal Union Treaty Withdrawal in mid-October 2019

    The Trump administration is attacking voting rights again - this time the rights of Americans abroad - through their plans to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union in mid October as part of their trade war abroad. If the withdrawal goes forward, postal mail service to the United States will...
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    Sorteo for a new Tablet

    Only for those over 60 who have a DNI and live in the city.
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    RaDEx the online residency application platform for Argentina

    The Essential (March 14, 2019) has an article by Amy Booth (pgs 7-9) that explains the procedures of the new system and its flaws. It is essential reading for anyone beginning the residency process. She wrote about the overstay issue, another topic of interest to tourists...
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    Bernie in 2020

    Chicago rally at Navy Pier
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    Free cultural activities and classes in the city
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    It's always an inside job

    I didn't follow my own advice yesterday: never open your door unless you know the person on the other side. I got a big surprise from a stranger who roughed me up and got only 1500 pesos from me. I opened a bank account recently and transferred $500. Usually, I would have that amount in cash...
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    Buenos Aires Players -- educational theater for ESL students

    I discovered this group today on FB. They are holding their 17th annual congress in February for ESL teachers -- Teaching through the Arts.
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    Toys for Kids at Christmas

    The city will be collecting new and used toys and books so that the less fortunate children have a gift on Christmas. The collection date is Saturday, December 15 from 10 to 14 hs. at various locations: BELGRANO: Cabildo & Juramento, Cabildo & Jose Hernandez PALERMO: Av. Coronel Diaz & Santa...
  13. jantango

    Reporting Street Harassment

    The first help-line is available for women to report harassment in public transportation. By sending a text message to 22676 (ACOSO) and completely free of charge, users can report an incident of harassment in public transportion or a public space and receive immediate containment...
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    Short-term room rental in Recoleta send me a PM if interested.
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    Only for those over 60 who live in the city of BA

    I received an email from the city department responsible for social integration of people over 60, asking me to complete a questionnaire rating the city's friendliness for seniors. In my opinion, there is no end to the ways the city is trying to improve the lives of its citizens. I completed...
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    Lessons learned from home repair workers

    I want to share my experiences over the years and what I learned from hiring electricians, plumbers, etc. for repairs. 2002 -- new kitchen installation in rental apartment I moved from a furnished two-bedroom rental without lease for two years to an unfurnished one bedroom rental on a 2-year...
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    Consumer Protection Agency in BA

    Our building had an administrator for one year who did nothing for us, and robbed us. She didn't respond to my emails asking questions about our building issues. I wanted to file a complaint against her, but I didn't know where to go. In early March we voted her removed as administrator. She...
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    Organic cotton shirts

    While walking in Palermo, I stopped to read something painted on the sidewalk: They have a shop in Palermo at Loyola 795.
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    Bus drivers -- complaints and recognition

    COMPLAINTS I finally decided to learn how to register a formal complaint when bus drivers don't take their job seriously. The worst was driving at night while using his iPhone to text messages with one elbow on the steering wheel. Another was chatting away with a passenger standing at the...
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    Free LED bulbs from the City As of today, they're available in an additional list of plazas around the city. I went to Plaza Almagro (Sarmiento & Bulnes) today with two burned out lamps. Each plaza has a recycling station where...