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    Travel Sales Job Available Based In Arequipa, Peru

    I am posting a job offer on behalf of my employer: Viventura is a tour operator with offices in South America and Germany. We specialize in private and small group tours to South America designed for travellers by travellers. We are one of the leading South American travel specialists in...
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    Hot Water Tank Replacement

    It's been a while since I posted. I am looking for a recommendation for a handyman who can replace a hot water tank in my flat.
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    jello biafra anyone?

    Jello biafra will be playing on thrusday; should be a good show. I'd like to go, but I'm down here solo; anyone else want to go?
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    looking for recommendations

    I have 2 friends from Germany coming into town and was looking for recommendations for nightlife. They are not into dance, electronica or DJ style clubs/music. Are there any low key spots to hear live music? Other suggestions for places "off the standard tourist circuit?"
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    Travel Customer Care Specialist -- Employment Offered

    Customer Care/Travel Specialist US Luxury Travel Company - Blue Parallel, Inc. - is hiring for its Buenos Aires office. Blue Parallel is an exclusive travel boutique providing its affluent clientele with unique and customized luxury trips throughout Latin America. We...
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    Breakfast Club (well....dinner club actually)

    I wish to break out of my routine of eating at many of the same restaurants and am looking to start a weekly dining club for small groups of people. This is not meant to be a formal club with set members, but rather an open invitation to 3,4 or 5 others who want to share food and conversation...
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    pet sitter available over the holidays

    It looks like I will be in town over the holidays and am offering my services as a pet sitter. In addition to having previous experience, I am also a former veterinary technician and my wife is a veterinarian. PM me if you are interested. B.
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    working ain ARG and US taxes

    I searched through some previous threads, but didn't find the answer for which I was looking. Can someone explain how the tax process works for an American, working as a contract employee for a US-based company here in ARG and getting paid in pesos? I had to complete a W-9, but I get paid in...
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    canned pumpkin or pipe dream?

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know where to get canned pumpkin?
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    fiesta de la tradicion

    I am thinking of going to the Fiesta de la tradicion this weekend (sunday probably); anyone else planning to go? Any feedback from those who may have attended before?
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    ingredients for mexican food

    so I fancy myself a decent cook/baker and would like to indulge in some of my favorite recipes. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially with regard to "mexican" food ingredients. I can understand the paucity/absence of some items, but the lack of some basic foods puzzles me...
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    repair/re-model work recommendations

    My depto is in need of some general repairs and I am looking for some recommendations for handymen in the Barrio Norte area for the following repairs: 1. roll up window shade (what is this called in Spanish) needs to be repaired 2. curtains need to be hung 3. walls need some crack...
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    Las Malvinas

    I'm interested in hopping over to the Malvinas this summer. Has anyone ever visited? Any recommendations on travel/lodging/sights?
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    taking a job in ARG; some advice please

    Sorry for the re-post. I initially posted this in the jobs forum, but received only a few responses. I thought I'd cast a wider net and post it in a different forum. I was offered a job in Argentina with a European company. This would be an "over the table" job whereby I would be sponsored...
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    taking a job in ARG; some advice plz

    I was offered a job in Argentina with a European company. This would be an "over the table" job whereby I would be sponsored so that I can obtain my DNI. The compensation is in pesos and the figure was given in "bruto." Obviously I am concerned about being paid in pesos. Does anyone have...
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    Dining partners

    I am tired of dining alone and wanted to know if anyone was interested in occasionally joining me for dinner? I usually eat at my home (in Barrio Norte), but tend to go out a couple of nights per week. I usually read when dining, but (1) I'm bored and (2) I ran out of reading material. I'm...
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    Dog owners

    Hi all, I've been missing my dog lately (she's back in the US) and was wondering if anyone here is a dog owner? If so, would you be willing to let me tag along for a walk or join you for a romp in the park? Wait...that doesn't sound right. I mean join you and your dog for some playtime in...
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    back in town

    Hi all, I just got in town and wanted to see if there were any expat meetings/events. I'll be in town for several months -- I am a frequent visitor to the city, but this is my first (of several) long stays. I'm looking forward to meeting other expats. Blake
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    moving to BA; have some questions

    Hi all, I've been a member on this forum for about a year now and have travelled extensively throughout Argentina (I even own an apartment in Bs. As.). I've been trying to relocate to Argentina for some time and now I find out my job will transfer me there in January 2009. Does anybody have...
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    relocating suggestions

    Hello all, I am not technically new to the Ex-pat website as I have read through it many times in the past; however I am new in the sense that I finally registered as a member and I would like to take the time to introduce myself. I am a 30 something male residing near Seattle, Washington...