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    Job Offer. Question on Salary / Cost of Living

    It's not in general that expensive to find a nice place to live. You just need to look around, ask local people you know. They all know somebody else, who know someone who rents an apartment etc. ;) Of course, there are a ton of apartment agencies in the www, and their prices are rediculous...
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    Work permit

    Hola, could anyone give me detailed information about the papers I need for getting a work permit? I meanwhile know how the process is working, but I still couldn't find exactly what kind of papers and in which form (original, copy, with apostille...) we need to show there.On...
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    Cost of living calculation

    Muchas gracias Granadaiscool for your reply, this helps me a lot! About renting an apartment/room - what barrios could you recommend to live in besides the known (and expensive) ones like palermo, recoleta...? I think for 600 pesos I will need to look for something more outside of BA, right...
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    almost new in BA, looking for contacts and music from Europe

    Hi Oliver, I will move from Germany (Heidelberg) to Buenos Aires in November. And I know how you feel about the music... :) I've spend a lot of pesos during my last time in Buenos Aires in "Musimundo", you can find a store e.g. in the Abasto Shopping Mall.
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    Cost of living calculation

    Hola a todos, I will move to Buenos Aires in November and start working in January next year. Now I was looking around what I probably have to pay for a room in a shared apartment (for the start I think it's the best option). I'm wondering what percentage of the income I can spend for the...