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    Calling all ivy league grads...

    After several failed attempts at getting in touch with local ivy league collegiate clubs, 6 of us (representing 4 of the schools) who are currently located here in Buenos Aires have created our own group with regular events. If you're interested in joining us (our average age is 25) or know...
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    Malaria Pills

    I'm going to be visiting my boyfriend in India next month and need to get malaria pills before going. Does anyone know how easily they are to get here or if only certain physicians or pharmacies carry them? Thanks for any advice!
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    I know that someone already posted on cosmetics a while back, but does anyone know where/if I can find Chanel make-up? I've looked at the different places that tend to sell a lot of the int'l cosmetic products, but I haven't had any luck as of yet...apart from random stuff on mercadolibre. Any...
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    Introduction/resident visa question

    Hi everyone, This might be a bit on the early side, but I wanted to make an introduction as I've been perusing these threads periodically these days. I'm a 24 American relocating from NYC/London to work in finance for 2 years. I went to Argentina for a tango festival about a year and a half...