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    Tragedy in Palermo

    I thought this was all the fun of driving and walking..a throwback to the quads and bipes least in flicks...the reptilian posterior gray madder is great for the immediate transition of the butt to face orwellian transmorgification of third whirlers with buckwheatitus...
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    Banana Bread?

    make sure your sacrificial nanners are are covered with sweets spots ...those little black dots covering the skin ...the more the betterer...
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    A workable exit strategy for US from Afghanistan

    Lots of flights to kabul ...bring your bibles...the more corrupt the better...making a dirty buck is a real chuckle those stone age illiterate camel jockeys can really bargain though..if i can just get em to the company store ..euro peon health care..and morphed into whinning daddy...
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    residency after having a child in Argentina!

    One of my babies dropped a litter of anchor pups after her last vist to a one they all race up and down beside the dinning room walls watching themselves in the mirror....going to monterrey tomorrow..hoping to get a litter wholl mow the yard and pick my kiwis ..out of it...
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    Polo lessons Saturday 24 th!

    Git on out there folks....youll love it ...but be careful what you say about the horses ...theyre listening like you wont believe...just watch their ears when you talk about em....theyll know who said what about who when you mount up...
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    Dealing with noisy neighbour in an apartment block

    my first rathole had the woman below leaping from her rocker every time i traversed the floor cheap cheap...resounds the invasive warble of argentine construction...
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    What book are you currently reading?

    First love and other tales..turgenev......the life and times of siegmund warburg...niall ferguson....
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    Transferring money to Argentina from the US

    thanks mr steve..though this was an old request...i have resolved this and other problems by delegating my rampant incompetence to the pizza guy...who took me on his bike to a place where they let you wire in money for 25 bucks ...and up to 10k at a time...they also gave me bus change..about 15...
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    Transferring money to Argentina from the US

    The fun starts when you want to sell and take your money "out" of argentina...youll need extensive documentation about the source and legitimacy of your funds that nobody was overly concerned about when you were buying and bringing money "in"..providing fat fees and fines ...delays and maximum...
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    Paying incompetent losers is just wrong!

    compared to the u s its a sad joke...that said ...the argies love it this way...permanent victims...struggling for italian grace and elegance..simpering significance...we all have our limitations and stigma after being jettisoned from the wet wonderful orb..there are so many wonderful...
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    Hate North Americans?

    i am poor and stoopid american ...but i love ba because my dogs love it for some reason..they start running around the plane and spinning and stuff when we are 20 minutes or so out..they stand at the hatch and look out like theyre expecting nirvana while we wait for a car.. ...ha...i think...
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    temporary apartment rentals

    i used my place rentals the room and furnishing were as depicted and the realty company retained and returned my deposit in the same sealed envelope i gave them i gather some people store or take their things with them when they lease their apt everything with this...
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    anyone familiar with atms that dispense dollars without an unusally low limit per withdrawal?
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    hair systems

    where can an old chrome dome find a hair piece here in buenos aires?