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    Want to live/visit Bariloche?

    I've done it! I've rented a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house near town center. I'm hooked up with internet, working from home, taking lots of breaks to enjoy little hikes and outings on the lake. Looking for a roommate, if anyone interested in escaping the oppressive humidity, pollution and...
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    Want to live/visit Bariloche?

    I'm moving to Bariloche for the summer season, and wondering if there's anyone out there who is interested in sharing a furnished apartment or house. Just putting feelers out for interest....I'm moving in December, and deciding whether to focus my search on a small apartment for myself alone...
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    Private Healthcare

    Anybody have experience with Hospital Aleman? I'm curious why their rates are significantly more expensive than Hospital Britanico. Their rep told me it was because they have the best doctors & less problems with staff. Comparing the plan pamphlets, I also noticed that Aleman required less...
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    Has anybody seen Weetabix cereal anywhere? British brand of organic cereal, but got hooked on it when Trader Joe's in the US started to shelf it. I've looked for it here at Jumbo, no luck. Help! :)
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    Tango lessons and horse back ride

    I had bookmarked this link for horseback riding lessons long ago, but never investigated it for more information. (If you find out the price/time of classes, I'd love to hear about it!) Here's the link... For tango, I think this website has a...