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    Apocalytic scenes in Argentinian banks

    I feel like the whole lockdown over the last two weeks has been rendered pointless. What's the point in all being indoors for the next two weeks now, and even talk of extending further. In a month it will be the same. What a waste of time the last two weeks were.
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    Emergency dental care

    Did you phone the number of the 24HR dental clinic provided above? Try these Google Searches: 24HR Dentists Buenos Aires Emergency Denstists Buenos Aires I know you're looking for a deifnitive answer like "X" is open but the next best thing is to search these results (for example, using...
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    Just wondering...Do I have to pay my rent?

    Fair enough, but you was talking about beer money. I would suggest if you are in a serious situation and need serious help, don't make it sound like it's a joke to you. As for the situation around rent, it's messy. I don't think the situation gives you carte blanche to just not pay your rent...
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    My next door neighbor is caughing for six days

    @Weyland. What a mess. Telecentro called me last week and wanted to come to check my internet because we had complained about it a few weeks back. They were going to come Saturday morning and I was ok with it because, well, my interet sucks. However, on Saturday I just thought it would be more...
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    My next door neighbor is caughing for six days

    The future will be interesting. If you cough on a bus in Buenos Aires, Europe will go into lockdown just in case.
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    Just wondering...Do I have to pay my rent?

    wooooo, you're edgy. You do realize you never HAVE to pay your rent, right? It's always a choice to make every month. So no, you don't have to but like always you will have to live with the consequences if you don't.
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    Really Nice DOG needs good home

    WTF is this? Read the thread. He rescused the dog, took it with him when he moved to different countries, looked after it. Sadly it got cancer and died. How would he have killed it?
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    When will life return to normal?

    Haha. Exactly which is my point and seems you missed it. Those people living in the 14th century were in the modern world. What the modern world is merely defined by when you live. Every major event through history has been lived through what was at the time the modern world. I hope I have...
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    When will life return to normal?

    If there was no way back from seismic societal events, the modern world wouldn't be here in the first place. While giving COVID-19 its due respect, we've bounced back from worse viral outbreaks and worse wars. The world will never be the same again doesn't mean a lot until we see what it...
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    Paints a different picture of what. I don't understand the point you're trying to make. That Italy is a unique situation because of its population?
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    Jobs for Americans in Buenos Aires?

    There are jobs, because there always are. For example, my estate agent friend is looking for an office worker right now. People leave work, move on, etc. all the time. However: a) There are not enough to go around b) There'll be even less once this situation ends. c) You will probably be...
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    That's why you should read about CFR, the calculation method used by most organizations to reach a mortality rate of a virus (flu or COVID-19). It is based on extrapolating known data to reach estimates on total number of infected. It is a used method and reaches some conclusions. However, it...
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    I am writing this simply to detail some data for people to consider. From the start, I have avoided comparing COVID-19 to the flu and keep my opinion on that subject. This is different and worthy of our worry and comparisons with flu are concerning because the mortality rates seem to be...
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    My next door neighbor is caughing for six days

    I have had a scratchy throat for weeks too because of allergies. No cough but every now have to clear my throat. I have it every year and around the same time so know what it is. If I take allergy drugs it gets better but I run out of them earlier last week. Makes clearing my throat in the...
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    When will life return to normal?

    I am reading the news. Will 30,000 be enough if the quarantine is extended into and through May? Is the government willing o give employees 30,000 each month if the lockdown needs to be extended. I hope so, but if so, what will that do to the economy. It's good we get free internet for six...
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    Back in the UK - and thank you baexpats

    Was you on vacation or living here?
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    urgent electronics delivery or some help around belgrano

    I am not familiar with the charging on MacBooks. Would any USB-C charger (power to USB-C) work, such as a Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10/S20 charger?
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    Economic realities post-coronavirus

    Excellent post. Be prepared for a replay along the lines of .... but the USA! I am not sure why it needs to be one or the other. Either the IMF is bad or China is according to Ventanilla. Pick your poison I say because your going to be doing the diplomatic version of getting bent over regardless.
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    He's right at the moment. If the quarantine extends into May (I mean, who knows at this point) I don't think its economy vs. life. That's an easy side to choose. I think the question becomes life vs. life. I have been watching Martin Ciccioli visit villas on the news this week and it's clear to...