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    Paying bills?

    Hopefully this will spur the entire country to stop paying bills like people from 75 yeasrs ago. Time to get online argentina
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    Apocalytic scenes in Argentinian banks

    is anyone surprised here that a process to get money from an AR institution is a total quilumbo?
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    Online Digital Supermarket Shopping in Crisis Argentina

    We started ordering online a few months ago from Coto and it's almost more of a pain in the ass than just going to the store. I hate it. It's not any more continent and there's no way to know what they have in stock and what you'll end up with. The person on the credit card has to be there so...
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    Receiving cash from other countries in BA amid quarantine?

    transferwise sucks. the limits they have are way too small
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    Cuevas roll call...

    Haven't needed one since this western union thing came around. Much better deal and easier.
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    Highly discriminatory comments by government official

    Didn't Christina leave the country to go to Cuba after the president's decree? She got back in no problems.
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    Western Union money transfer

    Got my money today in my account.
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    Economic realities post-coronavirus

    Ya'll ever been to Africa? Looks more like china now.... I'm sure Argentina will appreciate the money but they won't appreciate all the Chinese labor brought into the country to complete projects. Sometimes I wonder how that would work with the unions here.
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    Special flight to the USA / 26 March

    That's how much united charges to fly to Houston. Seems pretty in line to me.
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    Economic realities post-coronavirus

    China is like a meth dealer. The first one is free, the rest will cost you.
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    Western Union money transfer

    i sent a couple grand a few days ago. I'll keep yall filled in over the next week
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    Western Union money transfer

    still 88.83 as of yesterday
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    Western Union money transfer

    Yeah there was a 10 dollar free promo when I checked yesterday. bank to bank has always been free for me at least
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    I'm currently in south texas and everything is pretty much normal. The grocery stores are sold out of most stuff but there's no other major changes.
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    Discrimination against foreigners

    I've had some coworkers return before the quarantine was implemented. We've had issues with the locals not wanting to work with them in the office. A other one of my coworkers was asked about his status when trying to go to the gym recently. Yes the locals are discriminating.
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    Well I guess Fernandez reads this forum or soemthing. Looks like I'm not going back for a month.
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    My company will force me to. We're already having complications getting our contractors back in the country. Although during my 14 days I'm not sure who will check on my whereabouts or bring me food and water....
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    I flew from BA to Houston last night. I saw the quarantine news upon landing in Houston. I am set to return in 3 weeks. Hopefully this blows over by then.
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    This is horseshit. How do they actually plan to enforce this? If they were serious about preventing the spread of the virus they would ban the flights from landing in the country. Another typical poorly thought out argentine rule.
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    Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

    14 day home quarantine required for those returning from the USA. Not sure how they'll enforce it or prevent tourists from roaming about. Story on lanacion