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  1. ben

    Psychological effects of the quarantine

    There was a WhatsApp audio going around: “Mañana todos a las 9, a nuestros balcones. Para tirarnos.” In general humor is healthy. The meme explosion is a bit much, but is cathartic.
  2. ben

    Is Argentina not letting its own citizens back into the country now?

    These days you never know, but this report by a Peruvian outlet does not sound accurate. I don’t think it’s legally possible, and it does not jive with what’s being reported. It isn’t possible, generally speaking, to deny a citizen entry to the country. Same for permanent resident (unless...
  3. ben

    Back in the UK - and thank you baexpats

    There is only one time I wasn’t asked for a return ticket or something similar by UK immigration authorities. The date was September 16, 2001. In the mayhem of those days, all travelers had to clear immigration, regardless of duration of stay. I was headed to Canada via London (4 days late -...
  4. ben

    Staying Fit In Quarentine

    Are people allowed in the streets? Parks?
  5. ben

    When will life return to normal?

  6. ben

    Stranded in Buenos Aires

    I have a first cousin working on the front lines at a NYC hospital. I’ve also heard from a couple of EMT’s involved in other cities. Basically, because it is entirely possible to carry the virus but be completely asymptomatic, most estimates that are based on the amount of people showing...
  7. ben

    My guess, USA is on its way to lock down

    It might have something to do with marshall law... or marital law. (If you didn’t get the above joke, congratulations: it appears you’re not wasting your life on political Twitter).
  8. ben

    The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist

    The absolute high-order quote: Bolster says he earned a kind of absolution that, he admits, surprised him. “No one has ever said anything bad to me,” he says. “On the contrary, many people congratulate me. That's very confusing. I know it's wrong to steal. But they congratulate me.… To...
  9. ben

    Buying air tickets with US bank card, etc.

    This is what travel agents are for. Never mind that you’ll probably pay less than with the airline directly. (Full disclosure: I’m a travel agent.)
  10. ben

    Does the international purchases tax apply to foreigners too?

    The short answer - only if you’re paying in pesos. If you’re paying in any other currency, this tax should not apply. Some airline websites will apply the 30% by default if you’re leaving from BsAs, others will not. At any rate, if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to Canada, doing it with an...
  11. ben

    Mujica calls Argentines “swindlers”

    If we can all take a break from debating whether politicians are hypocrites (they often are), whether Mujica is (who knows?), whether Uruguay is expensive (it is), and whether owning three $30K machines on a farm attests to large wealth (it does not) - Can it be mentioned that the quality of...
  12. ben

    Cheap Delta Airlines fares to and from BA

    I’m not (at least most of the time). But I still work in Argentina. For all practical purposes, nothing has changed in that respect.
  13. ben

    Cheap Delta Airlines fares to and from BA

    Can be dealt with. Always a good idea to speak to an agent (disclaimer: I’m one).
  14. ben

    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    And have fun nabbing those. The thing about capital is that it knows how to move. Those Argentines with enough money to keep their assets abroad are precisely those who will know how to set up shell companies and all that. When you’re by far the biggest and most powerful country in the world...
  15. ben

    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    The thing to bear in mind is, that the “target” of these regulations (capital stored abroad by people with enough money and know-how to do that) will invariably figure out how to dodge them. They will be left chasing small fish. Does anyone really think that someone will move their money here in...
  16. ben

    Glenn Greenwald charged with cybercrimes in Brazil

    Link: Me, I think this tweet is perfect:
  17. ben

    Should my dad ship a circular saw to BA?

    Search this forum for several threads that describe the process. It does not sound like a pleasant affair. I understand that under the Macri govt, you could register with AFIP and pre-declare your stuff, and it would arrive at your door within a reasonable time-frame. I am not sure if that...
  18. ben

    Should my dad ship a circular saw to BA?

    If you bring it with you at Ezeiza, chances are nobody will care. If you ship it, it’ll be a long while till you see it again, unless you choose sanity and just give up on it. Do not - repeat, do not - ship it.
  19. ben

    Overnight fee to be charged to foreign tourists

    Some questions. Where is this tax charged? At the hotel? What about people who don’t stay at hotels? Are they exempt from the tax, or are they required to pay it at least in theory? Re the low rate - once it’s established, expect it to rise.
  20. ben

    Mexican Ambassador to Argentina caught shoplifting in the Ateneo Bookstrore.

    Appears he stole again, this time in Ezeiza airport(!) just before catching his return flight to Mexico. If true, this is pretty obviously an illness.