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    Summer English Nanny

    Hey everyone, My name is Dani, I am 28 years old from Australia. I have been here 1.5 years and here until March 2020. Currently I am a babysitter/English through play and a gymnastics coach but I am looking to find more hours over the summer break. My times and days vary so its best to...
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    English Babysitting

    Hey everyone, My name is Dani, I am 27 years old from Australia here for around 1 more year. Currently I am babysitting a 2 year old girl Monday to Friday from the USA and sadly they are heading back to the states at the end of June. I am looking to hopefully find another amazing family to work...
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    Hey everyone, Asking for a friend Upon graduating her Law degree in BA and looking to specialise in Civil, Family, Environment. She has waited 8 months so far for her title and hoping it wont take longer than 12 months to receive the papers. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help...
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    Dog walker

    Hey everyone, I miss my two little fluff balls back home in Aus and if anyone is in need of a dog walker please get in touch!
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    English Babysitter-Nanny

    Hey Everyone, I am 27 years old from Australia here until 2020ish until my partner finished his studies off. My spanish is basic and so is finding jobs too. I have worked as a gymnastics coach for 10 years now both in Australia and some Summer Camps in the USA. The ages range from 1 years old to...