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    Inflation ???

    Obviously I wasn't there but it's a possibility that you misunderstood the other people at the counter. I've been in many similar situations and those people smirking are usually on *MY* side and having a laugh at the obnoxious person! That is one good thing about the Argentine way of not...
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    Inflation ???

    Similar for me. (although they weren't quite so low a mere week ago). Bought in Liniers.
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    Dental Implants

    I just wanted to chime in that I had implants done by Ramiro Rannalli (or at least, that clinic), and couldn't have felt better treated. This was 2-3 years ago now. Unfortunately I can't tell you the price as I was the patient of a 'student' doing a course there (so the actual implant...
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    You mentioned in a post about dollars (somewhere on the forum!) about knowing where to go when...

    You mentioned in a post about dollars (somewhere on the forum!) about knowing where to go when you need to change dollars to pesos. Well, in this present horrible moment, please do let me know if you are in need of pesos, which I will happily sell you for dollars! PM me if you like! Thanks.
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    Bringing new merch into Argentina

    A friend brought two laptops with him in November last year, one of them being brand new, and nobody asked him anything. He declared what he needed to declare but nobody even asked about it. That's about all I know about it. Hey, btw if you want to buy pesos at a decent rate when you land, PM me!
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    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    Not sure if you still wanted pesos, but if so, I'm willing to sell!
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    If You Could "import" One Thing, What Would It Be?

    fruit juice (maybe one day it will cease to confuse me that an exprimido de naranja is considered something luxe here) baked beans (or are they available somewhere? Even 9 pence Tesco baked beans would make my mornings!)
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    Renewing A Dni Para Extranjeros

    Have you tried talking to the people inside the registry in Tigre? They may be able to help you, either by giving you a turno, or helping you make an appointment. I was able to get mine in the same manner as Steve (although I had to get up before the crack of dawn to join the queue if I was...
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    Doggies For Adoption

    Thanks for the tips friends!
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    Doggies For Adoption

    Hi folks, I hate doing this, but I have two dogs that I need to put up for adoption. Both of them were abandoned by neighbours of ours, and we have been caring for them for a while now (since we have a patio) but we are moving to an apartment and won´t be able to keep them. The first dog is...
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    Is The Reciprocal Fee Us$300 Now?! (Need Help Today)

    sorry - asked a question but found my answer, so removed this post!
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    Industria Argentina , Is There Anything That Doesnt Break?

    I lived in an African country that receives a lot of Chinese imports of the worst possible quality (I think the Arg quality chinese imports are even slightly higher if you can believe!) - when the africans starting complaining about how terrible the Chinese stuff was, the Chinese ambassador (?)...
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    Teeth Cleaning For $75 Us?

    basic teeth cleaning services at the dental place in Once train station - 40 pesos. I live in Zona Oeste, where it's clearly much cheaper for dental work. I had a root canal and a tooth that was cut in half repaired, all for 500 pesos. I also had another chipped tooth repaired, and a protesis...
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    Soon To Expat - Home Buying Info Sought

    That's right! In capital I have to chain up my bike if I use the chino. I live in Zona Oeste - dirt road, and a number of cartoneros live around the corner - I look like an idiot tying up my bike at the chino. Nobody else does! Everyone on the block knows each other since forever, and look...
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    Applying For Citizenship In B.a. Provincia

    :) You are awesome Christian, and we love you.
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    The people I know who are homeschooled are all very talented and intelligent. One is a specialist surgeon, who never finished his high school exams, but entered uni as a mature age student (so much for not being taught of aware of anything scientific). Another is an amazingly gifted...
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    Applying For Citizenship In B.a. Provincia

    You would think so, wouldn't you. Not even a reputable immigration agency who specialise in getting citizenships could tell me!
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    Applying For Citizenship In B.a. Provincia

    Hi, I am hoping to apply for citizenship but live in Provincia de Buenos Aires (in Merlo, zona oeste), and understand that I don't apply at Tribunales in Capital but need to apply somewhere else. Does anyone know the address of this 'somewhere else'? Thanks so much.
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    Does anybody here know anything about homeschooling here in Argentina? Is it even legal here? This probably applies most to people who are resident or citizens, but does anyone here homeschool, and if so, can they give any tips or pointers on how it works? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    What Food From Your Home Country Did The Argentinians Ruin?

    Beg pardon? I must have missed something. Vegemite was ruined? When did that happen? :P