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    Dinner Feb 24th

    Just wondering if there is a dinner this week and, if so, where?
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    Seeking Articles and Designer

    Bigbadwolf, I'm actually not familiar with the weekly Time Out in Buenos Aires. Where do you find it and is it free? Can you tell me more about it? Obviously I'm familiar with the annual Time Out, but I believe that this caters to the more wealthy traveller and even its price of 15 pesos puts...
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    Another Newcomer

    This is just to introduce myself as a new expat in Buenos Aires. My name is Eliza and after quitting my job in publishing in Australia to travel around South America six months ago, I have found myself in love with this city and unable to leave. I am planning an English language magazine for...
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    Seeking Articles and Designer

    BA Stay is an upcoming free monthly English language magazine for independent travellers in Buenos Aires. I am currently looking for a (budget) English/Spanish speaking designer. Also it is clear that most travellers are seeking more in-depth information than what is supplied by their...