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    Doggies For Adoption

    Hi folks, I hate doing this, but I have two dogs that I need to put up for adoption. Both of them were abandoned by neighbours of ours, and we have been caring for them for a while now (since we have a patio) but we are moving to an apartment and won´t be able to keep them. The first dog is...
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    Applying For Citizenship In B.a. Provincia

    Hi, I am hoping to apply for citizenship but live in Provincia de Buenos Aires (in Merlo, zona oeste), and understand that I don't apply at Tribunales in Capital but need to apply somewhere else. Does anyone know the address of this 'somewhere else'? Thanks so much.
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    Does anybody here know anything about homeschooling here in Argentina? Is it even legal here? This probably applies most to people who are resident or citizens, but does anyone here homeschool, and if so, can they give any tips or pointers on how it works? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Abandoned Dog And Cat For Adoption

    Hi folks, A neighbour of ours recently abandoned their very sweet german shepherd and I really need to find her a good home. We are already struggling to care for a dog and a cat that were abandoned by other neighbours (a geriatric springer spaniel with health problems, and a gorgeous moggy) -...
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    A Silly Question About Changing Pesos To Oz Dollars?

    Hi, There is plenty of talk about how difficult it is to buy US dollars. Does anyone know if there are they same kind of difficulties in obtaining Australian dollars or Euros? Thanks
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    Train to Cordoba

    I recently went to Cordoba on the train and thought I would share a little bit of my experience. This is probably only going to suit those who are on a tight budget though. I had to buy the tickets six weeks in advance (which wasn't a problem for us), but the return trip per person was only...
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    Free books (and a couple of other things)!

    Hi, I have some books that I don't need/want anymore and am offering them up for free to whomever wants them. 1) A text book called 'Dos Mundos:en breve'. This is what it looks like: I didn't use it a lot only...
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    All items in the apartment for sale!

    I have finally got my blog in some kind of functional order for the sale of all the stuff in my apartment. It is: It is basically a deceased estate, so pretty much everything falls into the retro or antique kind of category, so not everything is a bargain...
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    'garage' sales?

    Hey all, I have an apartment load of furniture and various bits and pieces that I need to sell (you can check out some of the things that are available here: and I am wondering if 'garage' sales are at all common here? I.e. the type of thing where people come and...
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    mail not reaching the UK

    In the last few months a couple of friends of mine have individually tried sending letters to the UK and neither of them have arrived. One friend sent a very big letter to a relative, the other was a DVD, but with a short homemade film on it; nothing of real value to anyone except the intended...