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    911 big insult ( must see )t takes a Brit to put into words what we should be saying.

    Please take a look at this as it is a great insult to every American. Thanks jedard it takes a Brit to put into words what we should be saying.
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    Tragedy in Palermo

    Four words, GET USED TO IT, Nada you can say or anyone else can say here or to the local authorities. Simply put and sadly so, THIS IS BUENOS AIRES. Try to enjoy your time here and stay out of the local politics. You will remain happy and healty. jedard
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    Obtaining A DNI

    Many have asked me about obtaining a DNI here in Argentina. I have left many posts on how to do this and how I got mine so quickly. I apologize for not replying to your messages. I have been away exploring other avenues. In order to get the precise information all it takes is a call to...
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    H1N1 Lab Created? Shocking Video!

    here is a video worth watching about the swine flu. And it all goes right back to the USA. MONEY. MONey
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    I have written before about the shenanigans the USA has perpetrated on many countries, including Argentina, throughout the world, via the CIA and/or Mr. Freedman's aspirations. A war here a war there, all for money and control. Well finally the inevitable has happened. An implosion. They have...
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    Open veins of Latin America / Guide to the Perfect Latin-American Idiot

    I believe that most Americans now living here in Argentina feel that the USA have never done anything to hinder growth in this country. The USA has never done anything to Latin America and and the CIA is a myth
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    The Federal Reserve?

    I thought many might be interested in reading this. Looks like The Feds do not want anyone knowing just how they are getting screwed. Gutted! If you thought the Ron Paul's Bill to audit the Fed that was working its way through Congress, and had HUNDREDS of sponsors, would make it without...
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    Swine Flue

    This American Doctor has just blown the lid of the so called Pandemic Swine Flu and what it is really all about, NADA. just a huge hype by the Politically run CDC for profit and in my humble opinion to force the Americans from the real crisis, "The Financial Fallout" As he states, " a great...
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    well well well. I apologize for this elaborate error. But in case anyone is still wondering N stands for N.
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    Well I suggest you pull your head out of the Latrine first so you can see how to put in on. But this is fun isn't it? Freedom of expression. I love that phrase.
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    I note that you do not share with your readers who put out this report. If any American can accept this as truth then they need to take their heads out of the ground and shake it a bit. Further more you obviously have not see the latest investigative results by CBS after they were turned down...
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    I am so happy that you took the time to respond to this. As for the 30 seconds it took you to find all the deaths credited to swine flu, well just do the math on that one. You sound just like Obama did the other night. Lets see shall we. I am sure there are some out there that can stand up and...
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    I first wrote about this Mr. Obama just after he was elected and took a good thrashing from many who visit this site. Apparently no one likes the truth regardless of how it is written. Well I just wanted to say: I TOLD YOU SO President Obama has...
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    DNi´s to change very soon

    nope, you don't have to be patient. I have told your before, just call Gabriel Celano and he can do all this DNI paper work for you faster than anyone else. Why, because he is honest, knows the routine better than anyone else. But no one seems to believe this so just keep on walking, waiting...
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    Chile Tourist Fee if you're Just Stopping Over?

    Actually I was referring to the fact that a plane could be grounded for what ever reason, regardless of your baggage, in that instant your going to get hit with the visa fee.
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    IOUSA - Deflation/Inflation

    This is quite lengthy but well worth reading. I have long suggested that the IOUSA is heading for the worse. In fact I had the audacity to suggest Mr. Obama only weeks after he was crowned, that he would never be able to keep his promises. Too many legal crooks at the highest level in the...
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    Will the Economic Crisis in the USA Effect Argentina?

    All well and said. I wonder why when the dollar is falling the rate here goes up. Is this because the peso continues to be devalued. Of course! Every 10 years this country is hit hard and 2010 is the next year for this to happen. So watch out Argentina, and look for the IOUSA green back to fall...
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    Obama - man of peace

    Whats to say, they would give it to anyone. Why not Christina!
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    Chile Tourist Fee if you're Just Stopping Over?

    One thing all of you missed. If you travel by plane you must pay the visa fee if you leave the airport. You never have to pay if your just connecting. Well lo an behold the aviation industry, what happens if your flight cancels. You are not permitted to stay overnight in the airport...