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    Ultimate Frisbee game

    Hello, does anyone know where I might be able to play ultimate frisbee in Buenos Aires? Back in the day there was a weekly pick-up game at Ciudad Universitaria, but I know that is gone. Anyone have any leads or tips? Thank you,
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    Bringing new merch into Argentina

    Hello, I live in the US, have a permanent DNI, and will be visiting Buenos Aires next month. A friend is having me bring him a drone valued at $1,500 USD. Can I expect to have to pay taxes (50%?) on the value of this drone? I am assuming I'll have to declare the amount of the drone on a customs...
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    New Bilingual Dictionary (Span-Eng) of Argentine Regionalisms

    Hello, It is my pleasure to annouce that I have recently published the bilingual dictionary of Argentine Spainish regionalisms that I worked on for over 15 years. It contains over 2,400 entries, aproximately 66% of which are not in the Oxford Spanish-English Dictionary. If you are studying...
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    New Dni Card (Have Old Booklet)

    Hello, I haven't been to Argentina for three years. I'll be going back next month to visit Bs As. I am a permanent resident there and would like to switch my old DNI booklet to a new DNI card, but did not find information on the migraciones website today. Can anybody tell me or share a link...
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    Dear People Scared Of The (Big) Government

    Dear people scared of the (big) government, This is what’s up: we all know that beauracracy sucks. But, guess what? When the village passed about 10,000 people, things changed. We had to institute rules and regulations and paperwork. You are required to follow all these rules and regulations...
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    Found The Best Beer In Argentina On Saturday

    Imperial Stout by cervecería La Loggia, Good good good fucking shit. Thick, dark, FULL-bodied stout, I might just cancel my trip back to the US :)
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    Poker, Tomorrow Night!

    Hey, A friend and I are getting a game together for Saturday night (Oct 27). Low stakes (20 pesos-ish)/ not tournament style. If you're interested, please PM me! Venue: about 8 blocks from the Medrano station on the B line. Thanks,
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    In the past 72 hours, has anybody transferred funds via Paypal?

    My Argentine Paypal account has a local credit card linked to it. Does my US paypal account also need a credit card linked to it? So far, I have been unable to transfer money to my US Paypal account.... Does anybody have any very recent Paypal experiences to share?
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    Autoconvocados (eg Occupy Wall Street)

    Does anyone know of a phrase to describe Occupy Wall Street type-groups that are "self-organizing". I'm looking for the term for groups of protestors who are not called together by a political party, but rather who independently organize. The word in Spanish I'm trying to translate is...
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    Can anybody recommend a bi-lingual glossary...

    for Argentine culinary terms? I am specifically interested in translating into English the various meats that make up an asado. Also, if there is anybody on this site who is familiar with the English terms used for cuts of meet, please leave comments, or let me know if I might PM you with...
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    Just cause I'm a nice guy

    -The Voting Assistance Officer in American Citizen Services at the U.S. is also always available to answer questions about absentee voting. To contact the Voting Assistance Officer, call 011-5777-4818 or send an e-mail to -U.S. Government website for overseas absentee...
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    Catholic Church Drafts Bill Offering Cash Incentive To Prevent Abortion

    It is almost unbelieveable this proposal. As usual, (some) members of the church are trying their best to keep humanity tied to beliefs espoused in what must be the best-selling novel of all-time...
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    Translation help: "hasta ahí no mas"

    Hello, If you are familiar with this phrase in Spanish, do you have any ideas for a natural sounding way to translate it into English? Example: Los bidones son prácticos pero hasta ahí no mas. I don't need the whole phrase translated, just a natural sounding way to say "hasta ahí nomas". As...
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    Would love to meet creative types that are really putting down roots here.

    Took this idea from another thread.... Anybody up for a long,termers group? I'd love to. I've been here forever and a day!
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    Translation help

    Does anybody know what to call chinchulines in English? Apparently, the correct translation is NOT chitterlings, because these are the small intestine of swine, and chinchulines are from cattle or lamb. Any ideas?
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    Anybody tell me where to buy adapter for netbook?

    Hi all, I just bought a netbook in the US which I assume I can just plug in in Argentina if I get an adapter (for the different shaped prongs)? Can anybody confirm this? I don't need a converter, right? Do you know where I could buy an adapter? Thanks for your time.
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    Joeblow gets robbed

    So, like the idiot that I thought I wasn't, I told my friend: "nothing's gonna happen, let's just leave our backpacks on the bench". We proceeded to play a round of frisbee--nothing too exotic for Retiro (if you're from the US). Lo and behold, a half an hour into the frisbee tossing, two...
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    Translation help

    Can anybody provide me with a name in English for this type of structure? I already know the translation the bilingual dictionaries give, but I'd like to know if there are other ways of referring to this. Thanks...
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    Temp room for rent in old apt with great vibe

    Hello, I'm looking to sublet my room during December, January and February. The room is in an apartment in a very well-maintained building in downtown (near Reconquista and Tucuman). There is an older couple that lives there as well--they are both artists and very friendly. The room is large...
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    How not to stand out like a tourist

    Don't smile at people you don't know. Don't say hi to people you don't know. Don't say hi more than once a day to acquaintances you pass in buildings/on the street. Don't eat while walking around the city. Don't expect free water at a restaurant. Don't ask for ice in your soft drinks. If...