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    Debit card/exchange rate question

    I originally went down to Buenos Aires in my early 20s. This was in the blue dollar era. I brought cold hard cash with me and only used cash during my stay. I'm going back in January for about a month or 2. My question is about debit card usage. How does the exchange work with the peso moving...
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    Non-Usd Currencies

    So, I'm up in Canada and I'll be going back to BsAs tomorrow. Can any of you let me know if I can get the blue rate on Canadian and Australian dollars? Can I go to any exchange house? I only ask because I don't really feel like going to get USD right now.
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    Anyone Need A Painter?

    I had to sign in for the first time in a while to post on this. What is wrong with giving a 16 year old kid 200 pesos? 22 dollars, today. He's clearly doing a good job. What's wrong with giving someone a little more than the going rate for a job well done...especially the son of a cleaning lady...
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    Argentine Stock

    What is there to love exactly? haha.
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    Argentine Stock

    @Inferno. Thanks for the detailed insight, brother. I had no idea that the same stocks varied market to market with regard to price. I was under the impression that the market was an internationally streamlined machine. I am truly naive when it comes to things like this.
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    Argentine Stock

    Thank you for the information, nikad.
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    Argentine Stock

    I know very little about how the stock market works. My questions may seem silly but hopefully someone can help me out here. Can I buy Argentine stocks in cash (pesos) through like a broker and then sell them at the official rate (5.10ARS to 1USD) back in New York (where I'm from and keep a...
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    Anyone Know Of Good Websites For American Tv Shows/movies?

    download a torrent client. i use utorrent. then go to and you can literally download almost any movie or tv show out. this is violates copyrights, but whatever... also, netflix works out here.
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    I Need To Send Money Home.

    So, my little sister needs some money to contribute to the payment plan her university has provided for her. We're from NYC and I'd like to send her the equivalent of 5,000 US Dollars. If I go to Western Union can I just send her the money at the official rate? I don't have a bank account. I...
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    How Safe Is Buying Blue Dollars On Florida Street?

    Thanks lamarque. I will definitely do that. Richone, I think I'd prefer getting shot in the ass by thugs over getting f*cked in the ass by the fake exchange rate the government there has established :) ..thanks for the response.
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    How Safe Is Buying Blue Dollars On Florida Street?

    So, I'll be coming back to Argentina for a little while. The last time I was there I was selling my dollars to the Chinos for $470 pesos in exchange for every $100. The peso was at like $4.20 something to the dollar back then. I now hare that I can get a lot more money for my dollars. So, I'd...
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    1st day here

    The cab ride from EZE to San Telmo was reminiscent of the scenery of the Bronx Expressway back it beautiful decay or what could have been. I got a pretty nice loft and it's right on top of Indie Bar so I'm going to check that out tonight. I'll have a NY Giants snap back hat if you...
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    first time in ba

    Hey everyone my name's Delcio and I am from New York City. I'll be down in BsAs for a few months starting next monday. I'll be renting a place out in San Telmo. I was wondering about the 420 situation down there. Feel free to message me. :)