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  1. HenryNisental


    It looks that not only Mr Piñeyra is in trouble, but the camarada EVO MORALES went too far too. First, he should not have been a candidate in the first place, it was prohibited during the last referendum. Her is an usurper, period. He disregarded the peoples's will and was elected again, also...
  2. HenryNisental

    North America vs South America

    There are four main reasons for this. Also, to be clear, the meaningful contrast is between Anglo-America and Latin America, since Mexico and arguably Central America are part of North America, but they had histories similar to those of the South American countries. First, as Robert Chandler...
  3. HenryNisental


    I did not vote for Macri nor Cristina ever. But people must realize the the real culprit of ALL financial crisis in this country was, and still is, the horrendous fiscal deficit. This many faced monster has destroyed almost EVERY goverment that any adult must remember here, such as: The...
  4. HenryNisental

    Correo Argentino

    Hey, I just received my first shipment of parts from the good old USA using the new home delivery system in place now. I used the net to do all the paperwork, and then I paid the custom duties in PAGO FACIL, and then, VOILA!!!!! After about a week I received the package at my home. I recommend...
  5. HenryNisental


    It looks that this city will have a new subway line going from Palermo to Barracas. It will be named F line, and the last station in Barracas will be named CALIFORNIA!!
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    Does anybody has a good pair of binoculars for sale?
  7. HenryNisental

    Marriage Certificate translation

    Pls help! My niece has a marrying certificate from California dated 1992. She needs to present it to a court for a property procedure, but they will not accept it as it is now. Any body knows what is the procedure to translate /legalize it?
  8. HenryNisental


    A few days ago a saw in TV the heart breaking situation of a local housewife that got involved with a local UVA home loan from a local bank. After selling an small apartment last year, she requested an additional bank loan of some 2,000,000 pesos to buy a larger house. Monthly payment was...
  9. HenryNisental


    My nefew is an American born guy born in beatiful California. He lives here now with DNI and everything. I wonder whether he can bring a used car from the States free of import duties. Anybody has any info about this?
  10. HenryNisental


    Last Tuesday, my niece of 51 y.o. was denied a tourist visa at the local US Consulate. The reason for the denial?: she overstayed on her previous visa in 1992! Even though she explained to the consular officer that the reason was that she met there an Argie expat, fell in love with him, married...
  11. HenryNisental


    Amy, an Argie friend of my from Detroit, has several cabins in Chascomus (about 120 Km from BA) for rent on the weekends, etc. She is married to an American, etc 6945-8096
  12. HenryNisental


    I noticed that there are many shops of leather in Av Boedo 1200-1400. It includes leather, tools, adhesives, machines, accesories,etc; for artisans, manufacturers,etc
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    Good news to all Italian food lovers. It seems that the local Kentucy restaurant chain got a licence to open SBARRO outlets here!
  14. HenryNisental

    New 1,000$ Bill

    Starting Monday, it will begin to circulate a new 1,000$ bill. It was time!!! The new bill will have a picture of our national bird, the litlle hornero (or mud oven bird, for the shape of the nest he creates with mud). Personaly, I think that our national bird should be the andean condor, since...
  15. HenryNisental

    La Campora Sunken Yatch

    Apparently, the British naval forces around the Falklands/Malvinas islands found an abandoned yacht in the open ocean. The yacht was named La Sanmartiniana, and belonged to the nefarious Arg official organization La Campora. Apparently, they were organizing a pseudo-invasion of these islands...
  16. HenryNisental

    Reataurannt El Ferroviario

    I want to recommend this place to eat like a pig, they serve the entire BBQ ribs, you eat until you want no more. It is located in Villa Luro, but it is close to the Liniers RR station and the Velez Sarfield FC Stadium. Its parking lot is right under the freeway, an it was an old RR depo or so...
  17. HenryNisental

    Venezuela: Chaos Drives Move For Dolarization Of Economy

  18. HenryNisental

    Argentina: Third Before Last

    A World Forum declared recently that Argentina is surpassed only by Chad and Haiti as to business climate (see ref):
  19. HenryNisental


    How about if we organize a picnic to celebrate the New Year around 19, 20 or 21 of Dec? We could go to a B&B in tigre, etc
  20. HenryNisental

    Orchids Show

    I believe that in this weekend (20-21-22) there is an orchid show in the Jardin Japones (Palermo), plus kimono shows, etc. Saturday will be usad for a g guy who is an orchid eccpert, i think (my does not work!!!!!)