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    Basketball Court

    Does anyone know where I could rent a full indoor basketball court for an entire day? Preferably located near belgrano/palermo, but can really be anywhere...TIA...
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    Looking For Physical Therapist Recommendation

    Seeing if anyone can recommend a physical therapist that makes house calls or is located near belgrano that can rehab a knee after ACL surgery. Even better if they give knee massages. Would be paying privately without insurance. Thanks.
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    Looking for 2br apt

    My lease is up, and I am looking for a modern 2br apt in the nunez/belgrano/villa urquiza/colegiales area with a pool. Can be temporary or long term furnished or unfurnished. +/- $4500 pesos if anyone knows of something.
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    Macbook Pro for sale

    Hey, I have a new version Macbook Pro 13" i5, 4 gb, 320 gb for sale. Applecare expires May 2012. I bought it to replace my current mbp, but I think I am going to switch to the new Macbook Air when I go back to the states. $1,250 usd.
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    Does anyone know a place to get frozen lime juice concentrate and/or a good margarita mix? I am sick of lemon flavored margaritas and would like to make one at home without mashing up a bunch of limes...
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    Looking for 1 or 2 br apt in colegiales

    So, this is just a shot in the dark, but I am currently looking to move to an apartment in Colegiales. I am looking for a modern (less than 10 yrs old) duplex in the residential area bounded by Cramer, Lacroze, Alvarez Tomas, and Los Incas. Trying to move between now and April. Thanks.
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    Transport in BA

    So, a group of about 7 of us are going to the Independiente soccer match Thurday at 930 pm at the stadium in Avellaneda. There is no problem getting there, but does anyone know of a service that could pick us up in preferably some type of van? Collectivos are notoriously bad about not stopping...
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    Importing Toys

    I am interested in importing some toys ($5,000-$10,000) from either the US or Europe. Does anyone know a good despachante de aduana? thanks