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  1. garryl

    Recoletos in Madrid

    Do you know that there is a nice neighborhood in Madrid called Recoletos ? I know the portenors named Recoleta because the cemetery. But I wonder if the name of Recoleta was also inspired by Recoletos in Madrid. ( a nice area with 1m+ apartment). Many part of BA are named after the people or...
  2. garryl

    a more pleasant Fernet

    I had a drink in Sicily recently, that reminds me of Fernet. It's a common drink produced in Southern Italy and Malta. To me, it's like Fernet already mixed with coke and a little bit citrus juice. Basically it tastes like a mild and more pleasant Fernet. I wonder if it can be found here easily...
  3. garryl

    Capital Controls, Sky-High Rates Crush Argentine Housing Market Looks like the real estate market is starting to crack.
  4. garryl

    google search options for Argentina crisis

    If you type in Argentina crisis, you will be presented 2 options: Argentina crisis 2001, Argentina crisis 2019. Looks like 2019/2020 is the new one. Here we go Argentina!
  5. garryl

    A common currency for Argentina and Brazil ?

    That will be crazy, both countries will start to destroy each other.
  6. garryl

    10 most expensive Malbec

    I think the price is here in peso: Vina Cobos “Cobos” Chanares Estate $ 11,429 Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard "Mundus Bacillus Terrae" $ 10,303 Vina Cobos "Cobos" Marchiori Estate $ 8,501 Pascual Toso "Magdalena Toso" $ 5,292 Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard "River Stones" $...
  7. garryl

    Argentines are buying more real estate in Uruguay

    for better return (5% vs 1.5% in Buenos Aires) after the economy is getting worse. Many moved their dinero to Uruguay for more stable income, and less complicated situation, after Argentina raised personal asset tax by (up to) 0.75%. Usually what they are buying are under 200k US dollars ...
  8. garryl

    Buenos Aires is named one of the 50 most beautifult cities
  9. garryl

    The New York Times article on Argentina

    Basically it says the Argentina's move away from the left did not work, and the left wing could come back. The reality is that Macri is doing the bad things of both left and right. He removed the subsidies like a ruthless right wing guy and he is printing pesos like CFK. Printing excessive peso...
  10. garryl


    There are thousands, if not millions, of Italians from Sicily, moved to Buenos Aires to escape poverty or look for better future. (now they do not feel good with 300% annual inflation) Left their wonderful capital home town Palermo, Sicily. While enjoying their Argentine beef, mate, tango and...
  11. garryl

    red meat and Argentina

    Lately a friend who has some numbness in her body, had a brain MRI scan. Doctor found her main brain blood vessels are all clogged. She is a big time lomo consumer, her doctor ordered her to cut it way down. Red meat leads much more Saturated and trans fat, makes the situation worse. Each time...
  12. garryl


    When many of my Argentine friends show their parties on facebook, usually they are having Fernet, chirozo and cheese, that seems to be heaven for them. I have brought a few bottles of Fernet from Argentina, and tried to introduce it to the gringo neighbors and friends in California to like it...
  13. garryl

    9 Countries where dollar is strong, AR is on the list Vietnam is still way cheaper than Argentina and it's easy to get things done too in Vietnam. But they do not have Teatro Colón or Tango or lomo.
  14. garryl

    number of tourists to Argentina

    Number of tourists that visiting Argentina has been steady up over the recent year, from 5.5m in 2010 to 6.6m in 2017. That's not bad. If you are in hotel business or have a few airbnb units in Argentina, this number is quite small for a country of this size, compared to visitor number of...
  15. garryl

    International Living

    Hello BA expats, for some reasons I do not know, I received a few reports from this website that talks about the details of international retirement. Quite interesting, I do not have any connection to this site, if you like, you can explore more there. It takes a lot of time and efforts to wrote...
  16. garryl

    Current Real Estate Price In Buenos Aires

    Just read something in different language, her is my translation : In recent years (months), rent and real estate continue to climb. New construction apt went up by 37% in price and used apt appreciated 7%, in past 12 months. Real estate is still the prime mean to battle the inflation, for...
  17. garryl

    Big 1Bedroom/2Bath Luxury Apt In Recoleta

    A big luxury one bedroom 2 full bath apartment for rent in the Recoleta. Often in Argentina, you find an apartment that looks nice on the internet, but is disappointing when you actually see the inside. This is not one of those places! Everything is included: building fees, taxes, cable/high...
  18. garryl

    A Nice Apartment In Recoleta

    We have a nice apartment in Recoleta, and have special rate for reliable expat. If interested, pls contact me. Thanks
  19. garryl

    Top 10 Parrislla By Argies

    According to Clarin, locals vote the following to be the top 10 parrilla restaurants: 1) La Brigada,465 Estados Unidos 2) El Ferroviario, Avenida Reservistas Argentinos 219 3) La Cabrera, Cabrera 5099 4) El boliche de Darío, Corro 399 5) Don Julio, Guatemala 4699 6) El Pobre Luis...
  20. garryl

    New Speculation On Nisman's Death

    It's possible he was forced to kill himself.