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  1. mmoon

    Guests coming to BA for three things to do?

    We have a family with a teenager coming to BA for a few days and want to show them the town, but we are overwhelmed with options. They are very well traveled and adventurous, so don't need to just show them the usual sights. It will be in late December. Thanks for any recs!
  2. mmoon

    Moving a family to Uruguay v BA

    Hi all, we have some friends who are planning on moving with their three kids to South America for a year (for a myriad of reasons it can’t be longer). We have tons of advice for them about living in BA, but they are seriously considering Uruguay. Any help or advice on schooling (public...
  3. mmoon

    Disappearing Expats? Or Is Everyone Happier?

    What happened to our vibrant expat community on this forum? I’ll admit, I also pop on here far less than I did back in the day. Maybe I’m just tired of complaining about the same things. There are far fewer posts than when I joined. Are there also far fewer expats than 5-10 years ago, or is...
  4. mmoon

    Omg, Is Argentina Going To The World Cup Or Not?

    As a semi-follower of futbol/soccer/calcio, I am somewhat invested in the current, crazy, unpredictable and totally fraught campaign for Argentina to make it to the World Cup next year. After yesterday's win, it seems they still aren't in? Maybe I need a diagram, but could someone please tell...
  5. mmoon

    It's True! Argentines Need (Nearly) No Personal Space

    I clicked on this story this morning and was not shocked to learn that Argentines need less personal space than people in any other country surveyed. So it's not just me...although I'm totally used to it. Maybe even more or less chill, as the article describes locals in general. Well, maybe...
  6. mmoon

    Nightmare At Ezeiza

    Just a heads up for anyone heading out of the country for the holidays...the road to Ezeiza has been blocked the last few days by protestors, and it has been hell to get there. I'm sure many of you know already, but we were in transit and didn't know about it until we arrived late last night...
  7. mmoon

    What Will We Argue About With Cfk Gone??!

    Here's a vote for old school arguing about the current quality of BA steak, pizza and ice cream. We've earned it after these past years. And hoping for a future of semi-sanity (at the very least)!
  8. mmoon

    Some Of Your Favorite Things Around Bariloche?

    We are going back to Bariloche over the holidays, and would love to see some of the sights outside of the circuit of the Siete Lagos, Villa La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes world. We have also driven over the mountains to Chile (beautiful!) Anything we shouldn't miss this time around?
  9. mmoon

    Direct Bus From Bariloche To Pinamar Or Mar Del Plata?

    Does anyone know of a direct bus from Bariloche to the beach, either Pinamar or Mar del Plata? We are hoping to avoid going through BA, but I know that's likely unrealistic. Thanks all.
  10. mmoon

    Thoughts On Lan Argentina To/from Dallas?

    Hi all, I've flown LAN a bunch within South America, but I just found a well-priced flight to/from the US during the holidays if I go the long-haul from EZE to DFW on LAN Argentina. It won't be a long trip, and I am really hoping not to deal with big delays, strikes, etc. I've never flown them...
  11. mmoon

    Affordable And Semi-Fast Flights To Sfo?

    Has anyone had any luck recently with flights between BA and San Francisco? I've been searching for months for a decently priced flight that has one stop and takes less than 24 hours each way. I regret that I didn't grab the AA flight for $1800 that I found one time, since it seemed insanely...
  12. mmoon

    If You Could "import" One Thing, What Would It Be?

    In light of this potentially good news about import restrictions being lifted (although we will see how the change affects day to day life of expats), I wonder what forum members would import if they could get just one thing from outside Argentina Land. No, you cannot import the entire Berkeley...
  13. mmoon

    Medialunas In The Usa?

    Hi all, I am currently in the US for the time being, and although I have sourced out the decent mate, dulce de leche and empanadas (I'm in the SF Bay Area), I cannot find any place that makes anything even remotely similar to medialunas. Our whole family misses them, all of our friends here who...
  14. mmoon

    Latest, Best Spelling Errors On This Site!

    Aren't we supposed to be native (semi) English speaking expats? The spelling mistakes on this site are crazy, and often hilarious. My latest favorite, about Joe's nemesis, who someone suggested was trying to BLACKMALE him. Interesting image that conjures up...
  15. mmoon

    Anyone Going To The World Cup?

    Just curious, because it seemed like so many people I know in Argentina (and other countries too) were planning to go the World Cup in Brazil this year...but I realized today that I don't know one person who is actually going! Personally, given all the problems, I'm glad to be sitting this one...
  16. mmoon

    What Would Be The Final Straw?

    Just curious, since I've been on this forum for several years and have seen some of the ups and downs of living in BA/Argentina, as well as watched some of the long-time active forum contributors leave the country for other pastures... If lack of maple syrup and an unpredictable economy won't...
  17. mmoon

    Best Site For European Futbol Online?

    I'm trying to watch the Barcelona-AC Milan futbol game online, but every site I'm finding is a scam/trying to sell me something. Does anyone know a good and reliable site to watch the games?
  18. mmoon

    Palermo Hotel For Visiting Parents?

    I'm looking for a quiet, reasonably priced ($125-150 USD) hotel in Palermo or nearby for my parents. The usual places have gotten so expensive and I'm hoping there are still some hidden gems out there. They don't need a bunch of services or anything even slightly hip, just a quiet, clean place...
  19. mmoon

    Renting A Minivan?

    Hi all, We will be moving around a crew of friends for a week or so next month (9 of us in all), and we think it's best if we just rent a minivan. I can't seem to find anything online or on this forum about renting something that large. If it's impossible, we could go ahead and get two cars...
  20. mmoon

    Medialuna recipe?

    Hi all, I'm not currently living in BA, and I find myself missing the medialunas. Does anyone have a surefire delicious recommendation to make them at home? I know they won't be good as my favorite spots in the city, but at least it can help until I return later this year... Thanks!