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    San Telmo: the future chick town?

    There was an interesting article in a local newspaper saying that Palermo Soho was going downhill quickly. The same has happened to Puerto Madero. Will the next hot spot be San Telmo? It has history and location. Will it bloom?
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    Programmer Salaries

    The encargado and the porteros in my building make more than those programmers. Socialism. All Make the same regardless of effort, productivity or skill. No wonder poverty is so high in Argentina. And the government is succeeding in creating more equality by making more people poor. Viva Perón...
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    Argentinian government is taking over Vicentin?

    Great question
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    Argentinian government is taking over Vicentin?

    I suspect some of you maybe jumping to conclusions. The private sector screwed this firm badly, Macri made it worse so a likely outcome was for some international firm to come in and buy it in bankruptcy. Would the us government let Boeing be bought out by the Chinese when they file for bankruptcy?
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    They are selling stale bread

    I am happy to read that you complained so effectively, and happy too to learn you did not get hit by the owner. Customer service in Argentina is an oximoron but if more people like you complain, there's hope that it might improve. When one of my daugthers graduated from UCLA about fifteen...
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    How is the Argentinian economy not even in worse shape?

    Why haven't things crashed, yet? My feeling is because businesses in Argentina have little to no debt, so it's easier to survive during hard times. Individials also have little to no debt. Americans. on the other hand, are top heavy with debt: car loans, students loans, credit card loans...
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    BA Real Estate market to take a dive before the end of the year.

    Buenos Aires's real estate market is very cyclical. If you buy, and hold for many years, you will be fine. If you want to make a quick buck, it's a tough market to do that. Renting laws are terrible, so buy mostly if you plan to use it personallly. I bought my first apartment in 1975. It was...
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    Who is Stayin Alive?

    Easy for you to say that you'd rather die happy than live miserable. Wait till you are really about to die, and then tell us again if that's your view!
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    Western Union money transfer

    I got the money first, then I got flooded with emails and so o have not tried to do another transfer, just in case.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I did a transfer about three weeks ago, and it worked perfectly. However, a few days later I got an email from WU asking me to fill out a form disclosing a lot of personal data. I completed it and emailed back per their instructions. A few days later I got the same form again, asking me to...
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    Argentine wifes inches from getting the boot

    Pensador. I suspect that your life might be more in danger should your wife read your post than if Coronavirus hit you. What’s that Shakespeare line about the wrath of a wronged woman?
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    from what I read, every American living abroad and receiving or not Social Security, is also entitled to receive the $1,200 free Here's the link to the New York Times article:
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    USA income taxes: free solution

    You can get your income taxes done, and filed electronically, for free by going to there is a link for Americans living abroad. I used the free link provided by TurboTax.
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    Economic realities post-coronavirus

    I agree with your statements. What worries me is the consequence of the money the government is printing to give it away. All the things you outlined above will cause a severe drop in tax collections, while expenses are shooting up like crazy. Although I never lived in the years when Hitler took...
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    We should all stop and think.

    This forum is full of doom and gloomers, but for once, they maybe right. I have to re watch the great movie, forgot it’s name, with Henry Fonda and about the depression years in the us. I remember: the grapes of wrath
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    When will life return to normal?

    One more thought. This virus may negatively affect the finances of a lot of people, and therefore, that my bring about some drastic changes to one’s quality of life
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    When will life return to normal?

    I thought about these two original questions in this thread all morning and I have concluded that nothing will change in my life, unless some tragedy hits me. I am a person with a routine or one that loves routines. My routine in California is: Get up early, read the news, make breakfast, go the...
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    When will life return to normal?

    what two great questions. Wonderful questions. My wife and I were supposed to arrive in BA a few days ago from California. This is the second time in my long life that I have had to suspend an important activity due to a force out of my control. The first was around 1970 when college classes...
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    Being ripped off

    I have read many posts here about expats being ripped off in Bs. As. Unfortunately, I am sure their stories are true. But, how about being ripped off in the first world, like in New York city? Here are my 4 stories: 1. I arrived Monday at 5 am after a red eye from LA. After i picked up my...
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    Argentina's New Tax On Residents Global Wealth

    Alby Thank you for bringing this topic up. It's important and we all need to understand its implications.