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    Best Carne Restaurants

    How about La Cabrera ? Have you been there? I love the corner of Cabrera and Thames ! If you want to have dinner earlier, you can go directly a little earlier than 1830 because you can get 30 percent off even good wines too untill 20 oclock. b. wishes, TOMOKO
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    Good Restaurants In December 2017?

    Hello, I am Tomoko, japanese linving in Buenos Aires. Here FYI some articules about Buenos Aires cuisene for Japoneses. b. wishes, TOMOKO
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    Notarised Document For A Child To Leave The Country

    Any nottary will be good. Mine is Horacio. He has an office, at Uruguay and Av. Cordoba. please write to him directly in English or any other laguages you speak. (He knows more than 10 languages include Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
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    San Telmo Feria In The Rain????

    I have been to san telmo even in rainy day (not so Tormenta) and there were some shops off course they put some nylon on the top in the Plaza Dorrego the center of San Telmo Feria. Out side of the Plaza,
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    Airport Transfers From Eze

    if you need a good car or van, send a msg to, check out the fee of today but not so much difference with others and not so expensive.
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    Staying For Three Weeks

    Hello, I have a friend who can share a room of his apartment house in Center area (5 blocks from Obelisco) If you are looking some economy one you can go at 400 dolars for three weeks. He can speak English. but he would like to know whick kind of person, if you are interested in it, please send...
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    Recommend A Nanny And Housekeeper

    Hi, I have an Argentinian nanny- housekeeper and her daughter (23 years old) wants to work as well. I know well her from 4 years old and good person, not so quick and inteligence, but the best thing in Argentina is to be a good and calm person to have inside the house for the security. She has...
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    Indian - Thai food

    I love Indian food, so I am eager to go, but I did not have any opportunity to go to a restoran on Av. Cordoba between Cerrito and Libertad. Please check out!
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    CATALAN is here? please contact !

    Thanks for all, I found people and got interviews. Si, soy japonesa pero vivo mas de 20 anos en Bue, more than in Hiroshima and in Nagoya!
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    Palermo Hotel For Visiting Parents?

    Hi, where in Palermo? because Palermo is one of the biggest area in Buenos Aires, figure out well the zone, and I can recommend you good hotel.
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    need an English teacher for kids!

    please contact with me to
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    CATALAN is here? please contact !

    I am looking for a Catalan, living in Buenos Aires, since months or one year ago, for documentary project to make him interview please contact the person or someone has info please send me a line to
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    "Mucama" rates

    It depends how many days in a week and how many hours in the day, also. In june and in december aguinaldo (bonus) season. In usually pay the half of the montly salary.
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    What to do in Buenos Aires

    Here is my blog in the web site of Japananese Lonley planet (How to walk around the world) I am writing about Buenos Aires, Argentina for Japanese travelers. Off course in Japananese, but you can put it in google translater or something. I love...
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    Selling $USD when we arrive

    Please be carefull, when you do deal with someone who you do not know. Threre are possiblities to give you some not-so-good-money (pesos) even the rate is good.
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    Local price for rural land

    Maybe you want a ranch in Pampa, Provincia de Buenos Aires not in Las Pampas (this is another place it is a provincia (state) name in Argntina) ?
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    Bringing car tires with me on a plane

    There are several option maybe, you cannot get the best tires,but second options mabe here in Argntina, it had better buy tires already have been imported.
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    Bringing car tires with me on a plane

    Some Car products in relation to the use on public roads, need an aproval called homologation, here is link if you want to know the details If the products you want to bring, do...
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    Cheap theatre tickets?

    As Tomataiki says, go to Ticket Buenos Aires as like Times Square in Buenos Aires It is a steps from Obelisco on Diagonal Norte and Cerrito, Astor Piazzolla Plaza. On Wedensday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm, you can choose from their offers and buy some donation ticket for the Theatres...
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    Postgraduate study in BsAs - programs in English?

    In case of the entrance into the University of Buenos Aires, even to study some materials, they ask your Spanish level, and need as least Nivel 6 of Language Laboratory of the 25 de mayo street or you have to show the certificate of more than 3 years study in your country, even you need prepare...