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    Netflix - No More Proxy

    Anyone uses you tube live stream?
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    Where To Live, What School, Mothers Group's

    Hi there, My sister mentioned a group called Buenos Aires mommies. Gabriela
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    Simultaneous Coffee Chat Tuesday 26 January Palermo 1600

    too late I read it.
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    A Pinot Noir From Argentina That Stands Out. Nytimes Review

    I think Benjamin, or but Perdices is a nice one a little higher price but still ok price
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    Hispanic Or Latino?

    I have no idea. I say I am Argentinean, and leave to problem to others. i also say, i am Argentinean Italian descendant, If I have a little more time. Or decline to declare, that's another option. But. actually, it is not the , because you leave others to decide for you. I decline to...
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    Coffee Chat Zona Norte Tuesday Jan 26, 4-7Pm (San Isidro)

    It is a good idea to have 2 since San Isidro from San Telmo or Palermo, requires train plus bus.
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    Coffee Chat Tuesday Jan 19, 4-7Pm (Palermo)

    Until what time? I see that it's been switched to Tuesdays. Gabriela
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    Want To Share An Apartment

    Hola, buscas con quien compartir un departamento? Donde? Gabriela
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    Conversation Exchange

    Hi Camel, I can help you with Spanish, if you still need it. If you made arrangements , as I see with another member, pefect. Otherwise, let me know. Gabriela
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    Netflix - No More Proxy

    Yes, it is. There is still Hola, where I watch Hulu, for example. I have been having trouble with Netflix, even in the US, where they have narrower selection to watch instantly almost every year. Unless you have both DVD and watch instantly movies/
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    Hi there, I can meet go out for a drink or do something? when are you coming to Buenos Aires? Gabriela
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    Find Cheap Tickets From Us North West To Argentina

    Hi Steve Darmo, how are you? I was chatting with you last week. You gave me some useful info of how to search for cheap tickets from Ohio, and the NW area to BA, Argentina. If you read this please let me know. Thank you! Gabriela
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    Spanish Class In/near Palermo Chico

    Hi there, my name is Gabriela,I teach Spanish, and I am actually a professional language interpreter. I am from Argentina, but I live in Seattle. I am currently here until June 7th. I can do classes every day until I leave. We can round up the price. let me know if I can help.
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    Job Offer: Online Campaigner At Greenpeace

    Is this position How many people are they looking for? Could an esl person apply? Thanks Gabriela
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    5 Most Common Excuses Argentines Like To Use

    No sabes el tráfico que hay.