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    Re: 2nd hand car for sale...

    A very strange car ad indeed. A typical car ad would be something more like this:Fiat Uno Station 2004 Model Driven 120.000 KM Disel engine 10.000 pesosYou never sold a car before or what gives?
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    Re: Personal prepago - Sales Kiosks - BEWARE

    This is something which I have complained about previously schmucky looking foreign people in this city get taken advantage of and word spreads that foreigners are supposedly easy prey which of course is something which does not always apply and then we get these people complaining and making a...
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    Argentinian drama

    For full story check out:" A scandal involving a Venezuelan businessman who tried to sneak nearly $800,000 into this country has opened a sudden rift between Venezuela and Argentina just a week after the governments signed debt and...
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    'I hate' the U.S., Maradona tells Chavez'I hate everything that comes from the United States,' ex-soccer star says CARACAS, Venezuela - Former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona on Sunday said he hates the United States “with all my strength” during an appearance on Venezuelan President Hugo...
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    I've recently started listening to some old Cumbia music and yeah I was wondering if anyone else here likes that stuff who are their favorite artists, songs and such and if anyone knows of any good Cumbia clubs in or close to Buenos Aires.
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    Common misconceptions?

    (about Welcome to my country thread -- forked) It's funny to see people with less than 20 posts mouthing off about how they're sick of this and tired of that as if they think that they're the #1 thing that's keeping this forum going.
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    The smoking ban

    I just read about this law that has just come into effect banning smoking in restaurants, bars and clubs and I sort of have mixed feelings about it on one hand the air in those places is gonna be a whole lot nicer to breath but on the other I sorta worry that those places aint gonna be as...
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    Anyone know of a good golfinstructor?

    I'd like to better my game but am too lazy to go to the course to search for numbers, does anybody have any experience at working with a golf instructor here in Buenos Aires that they could reccomend to me?
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    I am sure

    I am sure that the room lud is offering is quite wonderfull and those rooms that livingbuenosaires is offering must also be quite nice. I am also positive that the medical insurance that Aurora Couretot, AMLC is offering must be top notch but I do think that the appearance on the frontpage of...
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    Re: driver's license

    The little research I have done on the matter has revealed to me that getting a drivers license here is extremely cheap and easy. The only thing is that I think you need to have a DNI.
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    Anybody wanna hangout?

    Hey I'm a young European guy that just got here like a month ago or so and i was wondering if any expats or locals here would maybe like to go shoot some pool, empty some beerglasses or check out some clubs with me or something. If anybody is interested send an email to