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    Bank transfer hasn't arrived after 3 weeks

    Request a copy of the submitted initial transfer form from the person who initiated the transfer. If you have any instruction like "for further credit to" that can often cause problems if the person doesn't know how to complete the form.
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    Guests coming to BA for three things to do?

    If you arrange a taxi/uber there and back, I think you should be fine, especially at lunchtime
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    Guests coming to BA for three things to do?

    grab a taxi to Liniers and have some of the best asado (and a huge array of other dishes) in Buenos Aires at El Ferroviario. Lunchtime is probably best unless you can get a resrervation. El Ferroviario
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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids

    I am trying to arrange a private beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class for my sons (5 & 7) and am looking for 2 more boys or girls around the same age to make it a bit more affordable and enjoyable. The classes will probably be on a Saturday from 12-1pm at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy (Galicia...
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    Looking for 2/3 month apartment share: Almagro/Balvanera

    Hi I am a 44 year old Australian male professional looking to share an apartment close to the Balvanera area. I am a fully house-trained, non-smoking easy-going room-mate. I have lived in BA for 4.5 years, am a partner in a local business, enjoy relatively healthy pursuits (yoga, paleo etc)...
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    Crime in BsAs - anyone?

    ...shortly after arriving in BA I was walking along rivadavia in Once with my young son on a busy saturday morning when there was a series of really loud cracking sounds. Everyone in sight sprinted into the nearest shop and in the middle of the street,outside a bancogalicia I saw a security...
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    Guia "T" or GPS

    I bought a uvi 760 recently and it has suddenly opened up the city to me. One weird thing is that whilst driving double a two way avenida, the GPS has directed me several times to make a left turn (when there is no left turn traffic light). I've been running the latest version of Mapear so not...
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    Try Casa Fenix on Solis 2022 (sells excellent and reasonably priced powder and bars).
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    Starting a business in Argentina

    Fantastic idea James and great to see that the doors finally opened for you. Have you also considered providing football (soccer) coaching packages? Best of luck Mark
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    Know of a good craniosacral therapist?

    Can anyone can recommend a good craniosacral therapist here in BA? Cheers Mark
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    Hi Pete Add me to your list of possible squash partners. cheers mark