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    how long to learn spanish?

    I wanted to remind folks of the greatest spanish teacher od all times. Lilia Meli
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    Couple of questions about long term rentals

    Agreement this agreement that... what's wrong with people??? If they don't trust you to stay in their apartment then they shouldn't rent it out to you and if you don't trust your landlord regarding any range of issues e.x ( he might go into the apartment and steal our stuff, we might not get...
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    Argentina decides to control oil firm YPF

    I heard somewhere that when the government sold YPF back in the day that it never received any funds for it. If that is true then well repossessing something that you never got any payment for would not be all that immoral.
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    Would you trust a 'taxi' to Ezeiza you found on Mercado Libre for $100 pesos?

    What's been put on display here is the idiotic "We are so rich and sane and they are so poor and crazy" misconception that many people have. Committing a crime is a simple game of mathematics, time, energy, likely profit and last but not least risk. If you are the crazy type of drug addict...
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    Would you trust a 'taxi' to Ezeiza you found on Mercado Libre for $100 pesos?

    It is more probable than not that the passenger has a laptop but then again he might not and even if he does it might be an old laptop not worth more than 200-400 bucks. The passenger probably has money but again he might not, it might be one of those "All I need is a card" type of person and...
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    Would you trust a 'taxi' to Ezeiza you found on Mercado Libre for $100 pesos?

    Personally I think that I would trust it. What on earth is some radio taxi driver guy gonna do to you??? He isn't going to rob you since it is quite possible that you simply have nothing of great enough value to make it worth it for him to do so. If the vehicle isn't roadworthy then that's...
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    Pissing off the wrong person in BS AS

    I think that threats are a great thing in general... can't see how threatening some girl that doesn't want to go out with you could be beneficial but threats in general are usually pretty good. I regularly threaten people and it has done wonders for me... threatening people can also be somewhat...
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    Ripped off by Landlady! Stole reservation money

    But man these fucking tenant motherfuckers sure as hell can be a pain in the ass, I once had this friend of mine show this room to some filthy migrant workers and these shithead young boys come and take a look at it.... four boys to look at one room, "if they're coming in such a big group only...
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    Ripped off by Landlady! Stole reservation money

    This sorta sounds like a misunderstanding gone wrong and also a case of "asshole senile apartment owner syndrome". Letting a tenant in who has only paid a low insurance deposit is in one word "stupid" so she either had some sort of a miscommunication with you and intended all along to recieve...
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    How do we get our tap water tested?

    Water in Buenos Aires is fucking crap really. Get a filter or get a coffin, there's no other choice I think. Bear in mind too that the god damn bottled water is also utter filth, not only does it often have that Nasty plastic taste but it also contains Fluoride, Amazing that they would knowingly...
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    So, I'm being sued by the cleaning lady..

    Yeah it's true about the employee always winning regardless of the case in Argentina so well you don't really want this to go through court, I mean talk to a good lawyer or two that aren't that money hungry and ask them their advice. Also try to just rid yourself of the problem, a contract...
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    Crime in BsAs - anyone?

    I became the victim of an attempted pickpocketing, fool reached into the left pocket on the back(butt cheek) of my jeans but it was empty. They asked to take a photo with me these two guys and then they asked me to put my arms on their sholders, it was either the guy to my left or the guy...
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    Will the real bullies please stand up

    I recall that this site too had its share of nasty people a while back but now it seems that the nasty people have left. These differences that these men mentioned have with people on this site should be resolved. I suggest that all parties meet somewhere and discuss their matters instead of...
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    This is actually very effective and fun but you must do it the right way, you need to take two friends with you to the club, 1 a big guy that knows how to throw a punch and the other an intelligent friendly guy that knows how to make excuses for his friends. The thing is that when this backfires...
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    Argentine Women Are All...

    Girls like the rough stuff, like for example don't start the conversation off by saying Hi to her, come up from behind her, grab her by her hair and whisper into her ear "te gusta?" she'll initially act offended and such but if you just keep at it a little bit she'll be eating out of your hand...
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    Eager Salespeople

    I remember Sergio and his simple BS, in post #2 in this thread right here: from January 2006 I described his simple recipe of posting and he's following it here to perfection. The recipe is as follows: Everything he writes goes...
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    Eager Salespeople

    I remember this one little store it can't have been bigger than I don't know an average living room but damn within like 4 minutes I was approached by at least 5 employees asking me if they could somehow help me, I'm not sure if I bought anything or not but I was really surprised.
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    Good News about Economy

    It looks to me like some people here are unfairly criticizing the words of Jedard but that what he's saying is somewhat balanced and intelligent for a change. What's happening in the USA with this whole bailout is not a good thing and it hasn't even been done remotely the right way, the banks...
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    What if Obama loses?

    Indeed, the one idea Obama most identified with then was Malcolm X’s wish that "the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged". I think that this wish that Malcolm had and his ideas behind it were rather naive. To think...
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    What's happening in Argentina in the context of global geopolitics

    That article doesn't look like it was written with an unbiased opinion.