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    Anyone Else Having Renewal Issues

    So our dni's were renewed fairly fast and we have a piece of paper saying so but need to go to the office and get new plastic ones. Our lawyers are saying there are no appts available and they have tried for weeks daily to obtain ones. They don't see us getting appts for months!! They want...
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    Anyone Going To Carnivale In Gualeguaychu This Weekend ???

    ?? I need something retrieved from a hotel when we stayed there and I am willing to pay!!
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    Tampons Have Arrived!!!

    Lol. At least up in my neck of the woods!!! Walmart by soliel mall had plenty!!
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    Ipod Broken

    So my daughters iPod has broken. Not the screen but the part where you plug it in. Any recommendations on where I may take it to get it fixed?? Thanks!! She's devastated. All her audio books!!
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    Custom Boots

    I have a friend visiting from the states and she is looking for a ahop to get good custom leather boots. Any ideas?? Thanks
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    Need Help Filling A Prescription

    I have a prescription from my daughters pediatrician.. can I go to any farmacia to fill it?
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    Getting A Box Out Of Customs

    What are my chances if the box is addressed to my 9 year old and I go and try and pick it up?? Anyone have any experience?
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    Looking For Good Cooking Items And Bagels:)

    I am looking for good quality items to stock my kitchen with.. pots, pans.. knives?? can anyone recommend a place they go with decent selection and prices?? also.. being originally from NY means I love bagels... any suggestions??
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    Bought A Used Car.. Need To Have It Inspected

    ?? does anyone know where we get this done? not the checking of the chasse number but the inspection that is done yearly? thanks
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    Gummy Bear Candy

    Ok. Can anyone tell me if these exist here. Harbro brand?? Thanks.
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    Water Delivery Company Recommendation

    we are located in nordelta.. I saw a few trucks go by but of course couldn't get the name.. does anyone use service they could recommend? Thanks!!
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    Need A Power Of Attorney Notarized By A Usa Notary

    we are selling our home here in the US.. I have a POA for myself but my husband now needs one and it must be notarized by a US notary.. any place other than the consulate?? thanks!!
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    Anyone Here With Children That Go To Lincoln International ?

    looking just for some advice on items school related.. thanks:) Stacey
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    Clothing Shopping

    I know this seems a silly question, but we are coming only with a few suitcases to live in argentina for a year or two.. how easy is it for a bigger size girl to buy clothing down there?? thanks!!
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    Furniture Stores In Ba

    we will be arriving in BA shortly with no furniture. what is the best place to procure things like beds, couch.. dining table?? thanks
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    Visiting Campana/tigre/buenos Aires?

    we are in the process of moving down to the buenos aires are but have a chance to visit for 10 days over christmas.. I am looking for some guidence.. if we stay in tigre is there safe public transportation into buenos aires?? what about from campana.. I have an 8 and 10 year old.. any...