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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    Today I became so confused with RaDeX I lost it. It would appear that with the extensions granted due to Covid -19, RaDeX just creates dead ends. I thought my 2nd renewal of DNI under Temporaria Extranjero would be doable, as I managed last year. Not so. Is RaDeX no longer operational?
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    We knew this, IMD has Argentina near the bottom of competitiveness

    This think tank based in Switzerland/Singapore conducts yearly rankings of business competitiveness. . Only 63 nations are ranked, not 195. So Malawi or Bhutan, Myanmar, or Cuba are not among the ranked...
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    I had an email exchange with a translator, who wrote that Colegio de Traductores is not open to legalize translations, and the date of resumption of a normal process is unknown. So I guess I will wait before I upload to RaDeX. Last year I did not need anything from the US Embassy, just the...
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    CARES payments for US citizens lost cause if you are in Argentina?

    Any Yanks had any success getting a CARES payment if you match this profile: A) receive SS retirement monthly to a US bank via direct deposit B) too poor to be required to file IRS forms in both 2018 amd 2019 ? I may not have the stomach to hunt down anything stuck in the mail.
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    Thanks for your help. I got my visa in the Argentine consulate in Chicago USA. They required the police check from my local Chief of Police, which I sent in 2018. For my second renewal (3rd DNI ) I hope nothing further than the Argentine visa attached to my passport will work. For my 1st...
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    Forgot what I need to upload into RaDeX for DNI extranjero temporario renewal

    I looked at the Radex portal and could not make out what I have to upload in the way of jpg. files of documents. I assume I need a current resident domicilio from the local police station, current DNI front and back, passport with the Argentine consulate permit page as well as the face/eagle...
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    US recipients of SS payments

    Thanks, the IRS web page has an update that reads that SSI recipients will get their corona recovery payment without having to file. The IRS has amended their page today, since the page now reads differently from when I cut and paste it into BA Expats
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    US recipients of SS payments

    Per the IRS link courtesy of Gracielle " However, some seniors and others who typically do not file returns will need to submit a simple tax return to receive the stimulus payment. Please do not call the IRS about this. When more specific details become available, we will update this page."...
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    US recipients of SS payments

    Per Washington Post article of 1 April, in order to obtain the relief check as authorized by the US Congress and signed by the President, Social Security recipients must file a tax return, regardless of whether or not their income is under the minimum for required filing. No tax filing, no...
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    Refrigerator recommendations?

    I have had for a year a Samsung refrigerator with DC inverter technology. Efficient and no issues
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    Customer service - lack of

    My Spanish is poor. Nonetheless, I managed to get a welded steel frame support made for a dryer (secaropa), and two sewing projects that were modifications of back packs to store and carry some photo gear. In all three instances, the level of execution was very good, the turnaround for the...
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    Coffee Chat Tues. Jan 14 @ Starbucks Alto Palermo

    I will attend, Neil
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, January 7 at Alto Palermo

    I will attend, Graciella
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    What is PIT in the context of customs for household goods for extranjero temporario?

    The company that shipped my stuff from USA a year ago now claims I have to renew my PIT, whatever that is. The required deadline for my renewal is the one year anniversary when my caution policy( mandated by Argentine customs ) came into force. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Coffee chat Tues. Dec 31 @Starbucks

    Neil, I will attend on 31 December.
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, October 29 at Alto Palermo

    I will attend, Gracielle