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    Buying a RED camera here

    There may be some specialised shops, I do not know, but do not expect Buenos Aires to be like New York. Argentina has a lot of import restrictions and taxes, unlike any Western country. Any electronics may be harder to find or be much more expensive.
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    The Argentine mint in danger of stopping

    40% more energy means a GDP growth of 40% according to the Argentine government:
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    Cueva near Vicente López

    I am staying in Vicente López and I am running out of pesos. Would someone know of a cueva where I can change dollars or euros in the neighbourhood? (No need to post the address here, you could send me a PM)
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    Right Vs Left

    It appears that the average salary in China has surpassed the average salary in Argentina, so even with the loan handicap China remains competitive in Argentina.
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    Right Vs Left

    You give nice insights, but I do not agree with everything. First and foremost, the current day Peronists do not represent all workers or pymes, I am aware of people of these groups that are clearly anti-Kirchnerists, because of the market unfriendly measures (e.g. access to dollars) that also...
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    Real estate questions

    You might also consider retiring in Uruguay? some advantages: - free access to USD, in Argentina you can only convert pesos to USD at the black market for the moment (at twice the official rate). - no yearly wealth tax of 2,25% only a tax of 12% on dividends if you have not paid this tax abroad...
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    Right Vs Left

    Of course they are not and they are very cynical about it, they just want people to think they are so they can stay in power for the reasons you mention.
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    Right Vs Left

    I see it like this, and this is not a complete picture, other opinions will add nuances or clarify other things: South American culture has a very primitive mindset about how to acquire wealth. Wealth is not something fluid that can be created or destroyed, it is something static that you...
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    Programmer Salaries

    The official language in India is Hindi. This is the native language of most Indians. In the East of India, they speak Bengali and in the South Tamil. If they have the same native language, Indians usually use this language and not English to communicate with each other. If they have another...
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    Alberto: We should return to absolute quarantine

    I would add 3) They choose not to lift the quarantaine, otherwise the economic mess becomes too visible. The only problem: the longer the denial lasts, the bigger the mess. As long as we are blissed in the moment, the future does not matter, right?
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    Programmer Salaries

    Only the educated ones, most Indians do not speak English, but yes, the ones that program usually do.
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    Programmer Salaries

    These wages are ways too low, programmers should look for an online job. For reference, I know Indian junior programmers (those who know nothing and you still have to learn them what a command line terminal is or explain them that a database statement ends with a ';' and things like that) are...
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    Paying for airline tickets

    This takes away the fun of counting the 100 pesos notes one by one whenever you make a purchase.
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    Alberto: We should return to absolute quarantine

    What the government says is one thing, what the people do another. When the quarantine began, the streets were empty, but I have seen traffic increasing week after week whenever I went to the supermarket. Yesterday, except for the face masks, I did not notice there was a quarantine in the...
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    Lockdown could last another 6 to 10 weeks

    You think the Peronists are at least trying to do good for the country? When I first came here almost 10 years ago, a normal Argentinian family was already explaining that the plan of the Kirchners was to eradicate the middle class, because poor people are easier to manipulate and the Peronists...
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    LATAM just filed for bankruptcy

    I am not sure how the price of air travel will evolve. It actually rather think it will become cheaper to travel. For sure airlines would want to charge more, but air travel is a low margin business, meaning that companies do not have the power to set the price. All the aircraft that are out...
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    Help updating a Mac

    You probably mean When Oracle acquired Open Office more than a decade ago, most of the contributers did not trust the situation and they created the fork LibreOffice. To prevent Open Office from dying completely, Oracle in the end gave it away to the Apache...
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    Argentina is trying to tax its way out of crisis

    Only spending what is within one's means is not what a Peronist does. Here comes hyperinflation...
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    Argentina tries to restructure $83bn debt

    This is how the fable of the goose that lays the golden eggs goes in Argentina: The goose is evil, because the golden eggs belong to the Argentines and the goose has stolen it from them. Therefore they roast and eat the goose and complain that no more golden eggs show up after the goose is...
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    Blue Rate has now hit 100 per dollar

    This is probably related: