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  1. Tilda

    Moving money within the country

    I’m having a conversation with my Argentine mother in law and I can’t believe what she is telling me. According to her you CAN’T travel with money in cash from the sale of an apartment within Argentina. Even if you have the paperwork. Is there a law like that? Anyone who knows?
  2. Tilda

    CAE in San Martin

    I’m looking for a recommendation in San Martin de Los Andes. My niece wants to take the Cambridge exams, probably First and then Advanced. I’m looking for a good institute to prepare her. So, if you know of a good place in San Martin de Los Andes it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Tilda

    Prohibido no tocar

    I’m going to Buenos Aires with my kids over Easter to see Aladdin the musical. I was hoping to go to the museum Prohibido no Tocar as well but I’m having trouble finding out if it is still open. Does anyone know if it is still in Recoleta? Or has it moved? Changed name? Or is there another...
  4. Tilda

    Is It Legal/proper To Have A Plagpole?

    Hi, In Sweden many older houses have flagpoles, a remnant from when the government was trying to build the national story and encouraged it. I have been thinking about having a flagpole raised at my house, but since you don't see it here in Argentina I am hesitant. Is it even legal? Does...
  5. Tilda

    Importing Car Part

    Our darling Defender 'Ernst' needs a new turbo and we are looking at having one sent from the UK or bring it back with us in the luggage when we go visit Sweden. We will also look into going to Osorno to have it replaced, but it's a long trip when you can't drive more than 50 km per hour. My...
  6. Tilda

    If Old Shirts Don't Work, Try To Import These

    I can't find the original topic where unofficial importation was talked about. Probably because it was one of those that went off topic very quickly. Here is my idea.
  7. Tilda

    Plättar (Mini Pancakes)

    I'm turning to the international community with a question. I make mini pancakes for my kids using a special frying pan so that I get six 10 cm diameter pancakes per go. My son asked if this was something specific to Sweden since his friends don't know about it. Is there anyone out there who...
  8. Tilda

    Folding A Fitted Sheet

    Most of you probably already know how to fold a fitted sheet, but I grew up in Sweden and had never seen one until I moved abroad. Still it took me 12 years of swearing about the stupidly bulky mess I ended up with on my linen shelf. This video explains it nicely at a speed that even I can...
  9. Tilda

    Cost Of Live-In Nanny?

    We are evaluating the possibility of inviting a live-in English speaking nanny to us in Villa la Angostura, but we are clueless as to how much one would pay. Obviously accommodation and food would be paid for and a small salary. But, how much is reasonable for a 40 hours a week position...