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  1. Steve K

    Spending 10 hours in Buenos Aires tomorrow - with luggage! Advice?

    Hi Folks, We arrive to Aeroparque from Mendoza tomorrow at noon, and our flight to the US from EZE does not leave until 10PM. There of two of us and we each have a rolling luggage and a backpack. So we don't want to be walking around a lot, especially in the heat. Hoping to find a place...
  2. Steve K

    Limes (not Lemons) in Argentina

    I was wondering why limes are so hard to find here in Argentina. We consumed quite a few of them (along with cachaca, soda, and sugar) in Brazil, but did not see any limes at all in Palermo or Mendoza where we are now. A google of the wisdom of the internet suggests there is no actual Spanish...
  3. Steve K

    Airfare Inside Argentina

    My wife and I want to make a trip from Buenos Aires to Mendoza for a few weeks an then return. Not interested in doing the bus. I know Aerolinas charges a hefty surcharge to extraneros. Last time we just went to a LAN office and bought tickets there. I imagine there are other and possibly...
  4. Steve K

    US to AR Transformer or AR transformer with 5v DC 150 mA output?

    I brought a brand new transformer with me to plug in low wattage (5 watts or less) items and USBs into. Had 2 USB devices and an alarm clock plugged in and after only 45 minutes the thing popped 3 times and burst into flames. It is good that it was right there beside me at the time - could have...
  5. Steve K

    Using USA Credit Card/Tarjeta in BA and Mendoza

    Hello folks, I will be in Buenos Aires for 2 weeks and Mendoza for 6 weeks starting in October. I have a Charles Schwab debit/ATM card for getting what cash the ATMs are allowed to give and will get the exorbitant fees reimbursed. I generally use a Capital One Master Card with no foreign...