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    Considering BA as an early retirement option

    thats my plan and living it now. US colombia, argentina. hanging out in the US until the pandemic passes. did not see this coming. ugh
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    Sailed from Portugal to Mar del Plata

    thats a sailor. 29 ft in storm conditions. wow. clap clap. been in 25 ft faces for 72 hours and sailing up those faces at 45 degrees is a full time job. we had 4 people and he did it alone hats off.
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    Arrest record during immigration?

    middlepath i have lived in the US all my life. i travel alot and own property in BA. racism does exists in the south against blacks. and yes, you can be pulled over for skin color alone. and yes when put in that situation most plead out. arizona was very famous for pulling over latinos because...
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    azgirl the state has been shut down except essential services. bars and restaurants take out only. hair salons, gun stores, construction work both commercial and home building, and golf courses are deemed essential. go figure
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    you are correct. having read the original post, the only part i did not like was reporting on your world wealth. that might a problem for some as argentina wants to increase the percentage you pay. don’t know what the work around is. good luck to all, be safe.
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    one side note, with the same bailout package, if you live in my state and file for unemployment, you will receive 846.00 per week for 4 months. wonder who’s paying for it. 6.2 trillion package. starts with 2.2 trillion for business’s and people and another 4 trillion for the repo market and...
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    oh. i thought this was about recovery rebate. it will be sent to the same account.
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    Coronavirus Recovery Relief

    the government announced it would take approx 3 weeks to get the money out.
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    milhojas sorry for the late response. its was the building administration. i knew nothing about any quarantine regulations and there were none when i traveled. lets see, 14 day vacation, 14 day quarantine. humm. i understand the police are pulling people off the streets. think its 100,000 peso...
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    gotta add. when she booked thru united, the tickets from medellin to eze wre issued thru avianco. could not change them thru united with any certainty she would get there. so booked to phoenix and she will go thru immigrations without a roundtrip ticket and go back to colombia in a couple of...
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    Travellers to be quarantined on arrival

    just lived the nightmare. arrived on wednesday. wednesday night and thrusday ok. then started receiving mail , 5 , from the adminstrar. told me to self quarantine or he would call the police. moved to a friends house for friday night, called and got flights out tonite for my longtime novia to...
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    Witnesses for a Wedding

    just thought. hire a remise. pay him to take you there, witness, and drive you back. pay for his time and tip generously
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    They looked slightly out of place...

    tamifu in pocket looking for cheap flights to my beloved buenos aires. having worked in hospitals, it was always a first line defense for viruses if taken in the first 24 hours of symptoms. china stockpiled it for the bird flu.
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    happy holidays and merry christmas to all in the expat community.

    your a great group with diverse ideas. happy holidays and wishing yo the best.
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    Why is everybody complaining?

    middlepath. i accept your concept. a really noble idea. first clue is your reference to being american. bad idea in argentina. they are americans too. the continent is america. north, central, and south. good topic wrong site. my 2 cents
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    Argentina's president-elect rejects remaining IMF money

    confessions of an economic hit man come to mind. same game new players.
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    Making a Group Donation to Local Non-Profit Organization?

    add. especially in argentina. if you get the government and banking system involved chances are through a charity 90 percent will end up in someones pocket and 10 percent to the intented cause.
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    Making a Group Donation to Local Non-Profit Organization?

    VV. if this is a one off event, just have your friends buy the gifts they would have bought and donate them to a local church. just let them know what your plan is. just my opinion. setting up an ongoing charity is way different
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    Max Purchase US$200 per Month for individuals..!

    glass stingle . clinton got paid well for that after leaving office. 100 million to his foundation
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    Max Purchase US$200 per Month for individuals..!

    sorry about the quote. not familiar with the system. just want to agree with ries. reagan was a bad example. he dropped the US economy 1986 like bush did 2006. just not as bad. resultion trust corporation ring a bell.