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  1. TomAtAlki

    Importing art and/or medication into Argentina

    Has anyone imported via mail or fedex art work or medications from the US? Did it make it? Any duty on art or meds? thanks T/
  2. TomAtAlki

    Package to Mendoza

    I have to get a package from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. Any suggestions on the best way to do this. It about a .5 meter cube (a little less) and fragile. Thanks, T/
  3. TomAtAlki

    Banco de la Nacion question

    Can I get money from my account from any Link machine with no service charge or do I have to go to the bank itself or .....? And what is the max I can get? Thanks T/
  4. TomAtAlki

    delivery food recommendations

    I did my first home delivery last night and it was good, not great. It is hard for a restaurant to do really good food for delivery. I would sure like to hear about any great delivery places and, if you can, some details. Matsu Sushi I called and person who...
  5. TomAtAlki

    What’s Open

    Sunday 3-4pm. Palermo A short walk from my apartment to disco. The town is locked up right ( it is Sunday). Disco on Paraguay is open, empty and fully stocked. TP, meat, veggies, etc. Also kioskos and Chino’s and a panederia.
  6. TomAtAlki

    How to buy a new car?

    With the crisis in Buenos Aires it looks like we'll be staying for the indefinite future. I'm tired of renting cars for my trips out of the city so am considering being a car. I found a few old posts on buying cars but nothing newish. Any help or advice would be appreciated. A few questions...
  7. TomAtAlki

    Day Trips

    We've been here at least half time for 6 years now, have been all over the country, but have not explored the outskirts of Buenos Aires city. I'm renting a car for a week and would really appreciate some suggestions of "must see" places that are less than a 2 hour drive from Buenos Aires...
  8. TomAtAlki

    Blue rate drop

    My memory tells me that the blue rate always goes up in Dec and then drops immediately after the first of the year. is my memory correct? Thanks. T/
  9. TomAtAlki

    Stuff for sale. Last minute Holiday Presents?

    We have too much stuff so we are selling a few things we are no longer using for cheap prices. If you see a price somewhere that’s even close, please let me know and I will adjust mine. If you are interested please let me know. If you know someone who might want an item please forward this...
  10. TomAtAlki

    rumors of a 30% tax on expenses made abroad

    "rumors of a 30% tax on expenses made abroad" From the Essential. Can someone tell me what this means. T/
  11. TomAtAlki

    Cell providers comparison

    I want to get a local cell number and would like some help deciding between the three local providers. Any recent opinions or experiences? I guess I'm interested in perks, cost, ease of use and anything else that might matter. Thank you all. T/
  12. TomAtAlki


    Has anyone seen any cranberries in Buenos Aires? thanks for any input. T/
  13. TomAtAlki

    Yellow fever shot

    Anyone know where to get a yellow fever shot in Buenos Aires?
  14. TomAtAlki

    Book set in Argentina

    A friend recommended this book to me and it sounds interesting. A mystery set in Argentina, written in English, available on kindle. I haven't read it so no opinion. "The Last British President" "a political thriller and conspiracy novel, set in Argentina"
  15. TomAtAlki

    Venezuela 101

    Venezuela should be a very rich country....oil, gold, beaches, location. It seems that oil riches can somehow destroy some countries (Venezuela, Nicaragua) Can anyone explain to me why a country that should be rich and happy has become poor, ridden by inflation, sort of a dictatorship, and...
  16. TomAtAlki

    Metal Table For Sale

    We bought a new table so the old table has to go. It’s metal with dimensions very close to: 120mm (47”) long x 44mm (17”) wide x 82mm (32)” high. Excellent quality. $75US (or eq pesos). T/
  17. TomAtAlki

    Dental Hygienist

    I am looking for a periodontal dental hygienist in Buenos Aires. I have searched the forum and every answer to this question is old. I am really looking for someone who does excellent work and I don't mind paying for it. Once a year in the US is not enough for me because I like my teeth and...
  18. TomAtAlki

    Paul McCartney tickets

    I'm a day late and probably many dollars short. I would like to go to the McCartney show on 23 March but, alas, good seats are all gone. If anyone has 2 extra seats they want to sell please let me know. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Please don't laugh :=) T/
  19. TomAtAlki


    I haven't had internet for a couple of days and have found a strong, no password router that I can use....Fibertel_Prov. Is this unsafe? Has anyone heard of this router? Is it a public wifi provided by Fibertel? Any thoughts will be appreciated. I hope my (Mac) computer isn't being totally...
  20. TomAtAlki


    Does anyone have a router I can borrow for a week or one you would like to sell for a reasonable price. Thanks, T/