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    For those in the finance or related fields

    Hi all of you, I have change careers and I'm plentiful of finance book from undergraduate, MBA and CFA courses , I am pasting below the list of books if somebody interested please email me at I have quite a few, so we can work out a good deal if the whole...
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    Feria Americana para chicos- European and American Brands

    You can watch the entire collection hereMy phone number 1545389356 Hope to hear from you
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    Hey Paul NL: talking about violent societies

    and let me add mad people. We might have more crimes though i doubt it and statistics are on my side but the causes are robbery, occupation of public places, piqueteros asking for a decent wages(no I don't justify route blocking), kidnapping but killing for the sake of killing very very few...
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    Weekend short trip

    I've been there last week, for all of you who have only strolled along BA don't miss Tigre's beauty
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    The economist's Argentine forecast

    Not that bad, Paul NL, 7.5% GDP growth for the current year and 5 % for 2008 in a context where the world economy is slowing down. We argentines speak of "enfriarse". Nothing new all economies have their ups and downs. Forecast Apr 5th 2007 From the Economist Intelligence Unit Source: Country...
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    Commodities prices for Argentina in the next decade

    Please Paul do your homework, others will always do it for you. In other words, developing countries are going to increasingly determine the contours of world agricultural landscape — in terms of production, consumption and trade...
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    French natives

    Hi, I am looking for any french natives (canadians, french, swiss, etc) willing to exchange spanish conversational lessons for french, we could alternate one french/spanish meeting. I can read it almost as spanish but have problems when I want to speak (as I never do it). By the way I live in...
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    English literature: Shakespeare

    Could anybody give me a hint or two with this portion of A&C? Eno. Never; he will not: Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety; other women cloy 272...
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    Interesting article: A moveable fiesta

    for those of you, who haven't read it.
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    Re: Toddler table and chairs?

    I can suggest el circulo de las vitaminas(at Design Center or any other big shopping center), but I can't bet that it will be for $ 100. these days it is becoming rather difficult to find something for $ 100, (just same basic groceries at any cheap supermarket and you are spending near that sum)...
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    Americans & psychoanalysis Anybody know why americans are so biased against psychoanalysis? Do you need to be crazy to visit one as this american implies? I know he is just joking but anyway I have always felt that that belief is very ingrained...
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    Best Film of the year

    Which one would you vote for? I wouldn't doubt for a minute for Volver with Penelope and Almodovar, one of my favourite directors if not my favorite, Anyway I don't think it will get much of the attention of hollywoodland at the oscars, it doesn't fit under american standards. Hope to hear from...
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    Gorgeous 170 mts apartment in Palermo Chico

    Breathtaking views- Policia Federal Parks AC Plasma 46 3 bedrooms- 2 bathrooms Huge living and dining room kitchen and maids room double balcony Figueroa Alcorta between Cavia and Ortiz Facing Paseo Alcorta Two Blocks away from Jardin Japones, Bosques de Palermo, Club de...
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    Imported Baby Clothes

    Tea Collection, Petit Bateau, Imps Elfs, Room Seven, Jottum, Oilily, Kidscase, Bonpoint, Lili Gaufrette, etc. Newborn to 8 years
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    Favourite cities/Places to live

    for those of you who have lived abroad in different locations, where did you feel more at home, and which of them would you call home if you left your country for good? Where did you fell less "nostalgic", "depaysee" or that feeling that just you don't belong there? I refer when you just know...
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    Buying online at an american retailer with a local credit card

    Has anybody of you gone through that experience? By local credit card, I mean any of those issued by local banks and I am NOT intending to place some six figure order at Neiman, Saks, Barneys, or some other high end retailer just some ordirnary purchase at the basic american retailer (say the...
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    Why are you staying?

    Noise is deafening (As if weren't in LA or Manhattan) Pollution by buses and cars is untolerable (Of course you belong to a country that deliberately rejected the toyko protocol and who takes "seriously" their ecological compromises, jaja) Argentines are the most...
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    For those of you translators, I know that ESPM has been hiring, even if in Argentina they have a very small staff. I don't know if this might help specially since I feel that many of you don't speak the language. I am not any management guru nor do I have any answer but my first recommendation...