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  1. Gorilla Monsoon

    Anyone Used The Service "miami A Tu Casa" ?? Thinking of ordering a few items from Amazon via these guys but a little skeptical as can't find any information about them besides their own website, which seems legit. Anyone have experience using them?
  2. Gorilla Monsoon

    Anyone Coming From Us In Next Month Or So? Need A Kettle(!)

    Kind of strange request but want to buy a Le Crueset kettle for someone here as a gift. Happy to pay 300 pesos for your trouble if you have the space! Measures approximately 5 by 7-1/2 by 10...
  3. Gorilla Monsoon

    Native English Teacher (25-30) Needed For Video Interview

    Native English teacher (25-30yrs old) needed for 1 to 2 hours (max) of work to answer a few questions about teaching in Argentina on camera. Pays $500 pesos. Pls contact for more info
  4. Gorilla Monsoon

    Recommendations For A Traductor Publico?

    Hi all, Did a search on this but results seem to be 4+ years old... I'm looking for a traductor publico to translate and legalize some documents for my DNI application (my birth certificate and criminal background check). Someone who is a certified translator from the Colegio de Traductores...
  5. Gorilla Monsoon

    I Will Pay You To Sort Out My Dni! (Uk Expat)

    I need to get a DNI arranged over the next few months and have little time (or patience!) to sort it all out myself. I am from the UK and married to an Argentine. Also a homeowner (not that I think it makes any difference). I need someone to arrange and organize all the necessary paperwork...
  6. Gorilla Monsoon

    Teach Me Html/css In Exchange For Free Coffee And Great Chat

    Anybody free once or twice a week for an hour or so to come teach me the basics of html5/css3 over coffee? I'm in Palermo Hollywood and free weekdays from 1pm - 8pm. If you exist please send me a pm :)
  7. Gorilla Monsoon

    Macbook Pro 2008 Model (Faulty Logic Board) For Sale

    Hi all, I'm selling a my old MacBook Pro since recently getting a newer model. The logic board would need to be replaced if the computer was to be used again, otherwise all the other parts are in good working order (Hard Drive, Display, Keyboard, Battery (brand new), Cables etc). Thought I'd...
  8. Gorilla Monsoon

    Hollywood Loves Them Some Argentina!

    Nazis everywhere! Part 1: Part 2:
  9. Gorilla Monsoon

    Need High Quality Business Cards Printed

    Have done a search through the forum on where to get business cards done, but the majority of info is either outdated or now irrelevant. I have a design already done, and would like to get maybe 100-200 printed up on good quality, high grade paper. Somewhere close to Palermo Hollywood would be...
  10. Gorilla Monsoon

    Diabetes A "disease Of The Rich" - Cfk

    No one talking about this? This woman gets crazier by the day. How do her cronies defend this kind of ignorance? Unbelievable.
  11. Gorilla Monsoon

    Hotel receptionist required

    Hi all, A friend of mine is looking for a receptionist to work in an upscale hotel in the Palermo hollywood area. Hours are 4pm-12. Must be fluent in english/spanish. Please contact me if you would like an interview.
  12. Gorilla Monsoon

    Looking for a cleaner in the Palermo Hollywood area

    Hi all, I am in desperate need of a cleaner to come to our apartment a couple of times a week for 3-4 hours. Am looking for any recommendations. Many thanks!
  13. Gorilla Monsoon

    Scam City - Buenos Aires (Travel & Escape Channel) "Buenos Aires is a fast moving city bringing in around 10 million tourists annually. But like the Tango with its themes of deception and trickery of love, Conor Woodman discovers that many visitors leave Buenos Aires with broken hearts, after being...
  14. Gorilla Monsoon

    Estancia recommendations for Winter?

    Hi all, Looking for estancia recommendations - will be going in middle of winter (late July). Not looking to go horse riding, more a place that's cosy, warm and relaxing, with good food. Will probably be there for 4 or 5 days. Must also be relatively easy to get to from BsAs as we don't drive...
  15. Gorilla Monsoon

    Anyone coming over/back from the UK in the next month or so?

    Hi everyone, I need two pairs of sneakers brought over from the UK. I can get them sent to any address there. If anyone has some extra space in their suitcase, they'll be generously rewarded with Cake and Coffee vouchers :) Thanks! GM.
  16. Gorilla Monsoon

    New to the forum - hello!

    Hi there, Been in BsAs for 7+ years, originally from London. Married to an Argentine girl and live in Palermo Hollywood. Have been meaning to join up here for eons and finally got round to it. I'm sure I've probably met a few of you on here. Anyway, hope I can add some...