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    Do most Argentinians not let their dogs sleep inside?

    Is this a cultural thing for Argentina? Or just the people I know?
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    How are people in BA surviving with this lockdown and recession?

    I get in the interior people are going back to normal. But in BA?
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    If I have a DNI now, will AFIP come after me?

    Like, will I need to renounce my residency in order to avoid paying Argentina's wealth tax and whatever other taxes they will want from me?
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    The Argentinian consulate in Lima gave me some sort of residency

    Still in Lima, and my on again off again Argentinian significant other with our child got a flight booked back via the embassy and some company called Easy Jet. She asked them if I could get on the flight. They said no because I wasn't a resident. Then she called someone in the consulate...
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    Argentina re-opening international flights in August! El ministro de Transporte, Mario Meoni, se reunió con 22 embajadores y funcionarios de los organismos reguladores de la industria aerocomercial, con el objetivo de repasar las medidas que adoptó el...
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    Argentinian government is taking over Vicentin?

    Did I hear that right? Here we go Venezuela part dos
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    Why is it taking so long to get a vuelo de repatrio from Lima to Argentina?

    We've been waiting over a month. There is a waiting list on the Argentinan's embassy's facebook page (LOL) of over 1000 people. About every two weeks they send a Hercules that fits about 70 people they choose at random.
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    How is the Argentinian economy not even in worse shape?

    I would have expected more widespread business closures, bankruptcies, and abject poverty after weeks of economic shutdown and skyrocketing inflation. Somehow Argentina is surviving. How?
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    How to travel to Buenos Aires from interior for flight?

    If you have a flight leaving Argentina from EZE, but are not in BA, how do you travel to BA? Tienda Leon is not operating I assume?
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    Can you go to the doctor for regular checkups?

    Can kids get their vaccines? Can you go to the dentist for a cleaning?
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    Do people returning to Argentina have to self quarantine 14 days

    In their home? For instance if I can get on a repatriation flight, somehow, would I have to remain inside my home 14 days? How would I get food? Rappi works?
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    Wife really wants to go back to Argentina with kid

    We're currently stuck in Peru. Assuming she somehow could get a flight, when is the next time I'd be able to fly to Argentina as an American with no residency permit? Months? A year? Kiss my my marriage and child goodbye?
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    How is it possible Argentina only has 2100 covid cases?

    Chile and Peru both have over six thousand. Anyone really believe the government's number?
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    Ecuador - Scenes of bodies on sidewalks and desperate families serve as a warning for the region QUITO, Ecuador — Bodies left out on sidewalks. The authorities struggling to keep track of deaths. Funeral parlors, out of coffins, using cardboard boxes made by...
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    Fernández will extend the quarantine another two weeks?

    Anyone else read or heard about this?
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    So coronavirus will magically leave Argentina on April 13?

    Why limit the quarantine to April 13?
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    Is Argentina not letting its own citizens back into the country now? El presidente de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, anunció este miércoles que por ahora quedan suspendidos los regresos al país de los argentinos o...
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    Safer to stay in Lima Perú or come back to Argentina?

    I am not an Argentinian citizen. I'm in Lima, which seems more developed, cleaner, and organized than Argentina, but what do I know, I'm just a tourist here. But staying put means I avoid airports.
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    Accent reduction coach near Palermo?

    Hi I'm looking for a private tutor who can help reduce my US English accent when I speak Castellaño. In the Palermo area preferably.