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  1. wineguy999

    Interesting Story With Buenos Aires Connection...
  2. wineguy999

    Gaston Is Back!

    The Argentina travelogue produced by our favorite Canadian bicyclist. The ending is pretty funny. (Sorry, still can't figure out imbedding on this site.)
  3. wineguy999

    Never Mind The Falklands - Look Out Washington Dc!

    Argentina's holdout dispute spills into the White House: CFK sends letter to Obama questioning Ambassador Soderberg In a harsh letter, released on Friday, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez urged US President Barack Obama to explain whether ”Nancy Soderberg, the person you have appointed as...
  4. wineguy999

    Las Malvinas Son Argentinas?

    They need to pass a bill to keep AFIP from hitting Argentinos for 35% foreign travel surcharge for visiting the Falklands? Oh, the irony. http://www.ellitoral...orio-extranjero With Google translate...
  5. wineguy999

    Cleaning Woman Needed

    Expired message