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    When will immigration reopen for DNI? I have been trying to contact them.

    Please give us an update when you get a reply. I was in the same position, my DNI was going to expire in April. I sent an email to the address posted by @Bajo_cero2, never received a reply. But I had to head back to the US (in May), so I'm gonna have to see how I get the ball rolling again when...
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    Transportation from Cordoba to Airport

    Cool, thanks! It only shows me two options: lite and envíos. Although it says lite is good enough for 4 passengers (?) I only ever use Uber so I'm new to this.
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    Transportation from Cordoba to Airport

    Gonna jump in on this thread and ask if Cabify is a viable option to get to EZE from CABA. Thanks in advance!
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    Some non-essential stores reopen for business in BA

    Yup, you were right! The stalls at Plaza Italia were closed. Managed to pick up some Bolaño, Schweblin, Arlt on Corrientes, as well as a copy of Facundo! Thanks!
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    Some non-essential stores reopen for business in BA

    Buenas! Might be a bit OT but does anyone know if the used book stores in Plaza Italia are open again? I'm heading back to the US on the Friday flight and would like to pick up some more lit in castellano for cheap before I leave. Gracias!
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    Renewing temp DNI

    Buenas! So, my temporary 1 year student DNI expires this month and I need to renew it. Does anyone know if the immigration offices are still open/handling renewal cases during the quarantine? I tried to do it through the Radex site but I'm kinda lost. Any help is appreciated!
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    Another Special Flight to the USA (Mar 31 at 9:30 am)

    Hey! What page did you copy-paste this from?
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    Tourist visa expiring

    In kind of a similar situation with my temporary DNI expiring in April. Any idea if the renewal process can be handled online? Any info would be helpful! Thanks!
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    Temporary Residency application using the Radex website

    Any idea on how long it takes to get the precaria after your turno in bldg 6? I handed in my documents and the woman working there said I can access my precaria online the following day. The status online still says "estado según ____: en tramite".
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    Temporary Residency application using the Radex website

    Hey! I am a grad student here. While filling out the application I put in academic instead of student (my mistake). I paid the $6000 fee and moved on to step 2. So, now I am trying to change the category back to student and am unsure of how to go about doing it. Starting a new application is no...