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    Spanish Language Classes

    Spanish language classes at your place with material included. My email:
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    The Swedish Law

    To swedish people: As my father, swedish citizen since 1976, have died in Stockholm in 2013, my half brother that lives there does not answer my emails (many), I would like to know if there is time to claim the inheritance according to de swedish law. Anybody knows about it? any suggestion...
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    Meeting to meditate

    Meeting to meditate on Saturday (10/1/11) since 2pm at Planetarium. This is a meditation for peace in many countries at the same time. :)
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    the most succeful, nice and tender video...

    Nice, tender and succesful video in the Web!
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    Argentine films free every Friday

    Argentine films free every Friday at 6:30 pm at Legislatura Porteña (Perú street 160). It is from this Friday 06/03/11 to 10/14/11.
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    the world in action

    read this link, please: