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    Zimbabweans emigrate to those South Atlantic islands
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    Where to get passport type photos?

    Does anyone know a place that takes passport type photos ?
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    Argentina's history of slavery: should there be reparations?

    According to this Argentina did not completely abolish slavery until 1861, just two years before Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Nowadays there is talk in the US of reparations for...
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    Empanadas: baked or fried?

    Baked empanadas seem to be the norm, at least around Buenos Aires however when one encounters them in North America they are often fried. I have attributed this to the popularity of fried food in North America. What is your experience - are there many people / places that make FRIED empanadas...
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    President's son speaks out
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    Fabled cafe La Biela likely to close permanently
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    Policy regarding repatriated Argentine nationals and Permanent Residents

    This article mentioning repatriated Argentines makes no mention of a two week hotel quarantine. Has the policy changed? What exactly is the policy for nationals and permanent residents returning?
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    Murder in PALERMO
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia
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    What happened to John Cobin .... US citizen arrested in Chile
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    Teatro Colon closes: temporary or permanent?
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    Covid-19 in Latin America: compares to the worst in Europe or the US: New York Times

    Extract from the NYT, May 12: "The devastation in Latin America is less visible, but compares to the worst in Europe or the U.S. Deaths from all causes doubled in Lima, Peru and tripled in Manaus, Brazil. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, deaths reached five times the usual number for the time of year...
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    Covid-19 discrimination
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    A major violation of human rights for those 70+

    Those 70 or over will be confined to their homes like prisoners, compelled to ring a number and wait for a pass code to let them go to the market or pharmacy. It is a form of fascism, a form of apartheid dreamt up by a phony progressive government. It is beyond belief that anything like this...
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    psychotherapy during Corona
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    Argentina counts south Atlantic islands in Corona Virus statistics
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    Homelessness in BA

    Buenos Aires homeless stuck on the streets during COVID-19 lockdown Gulf News The Argentine government has ordered people to stay at home until ... more than 7,500 in the last few months of Argentina's crippling economic crisis.
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    FP: Corona, new crises in Latin America

    The Coronavirus Will Cause New Crises in Latin America Foreign Policy Argentina's Mauricio Macri, who attempted to address his country's long-running debt crisis, has already been succeeded after only one term by Alberto ...