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  1. Iznogud

    Cuevas roll call...

    So, how's your preferred cash delivery service doing these days? Iz
  2. Iznogud

    Beware of Cablevision Trojan Horses (thieves)'

    Building alert. Two Fibertel/Cablevision and a third vehicle parked in front of the building and uniformed Cablevisión employees started demanding access to the building and to see the Encargado. The person who answered, first checked if they had both services and they were up and running. The...
  3. Iznogud

    «Garcas» at the Gates (coffee related)

    Days ago, a cabbie defined COVID19 carriers as «garcas». Those with enough means to indulge in foreign travel, rich people who couldn't care less for others. Thought I was a funny remark after leaving behind a Macrista full term government.Seen plenty of otherwise «modest» people visit Orlando...
  4. Iznogud

    They looked slightly out of place...

    Two of them, mid teens. Spotted them a block away, coming from the Recova de Posadas. I was standing across the street from the Four Seasons waiting for a taxi, early sat. morning. Nobody else around. A police car stopped at the red light in front of me and the youngsters stared at it but kept...
  5. Iznogud

    Decent Chili Bowl?

    Where can I find a decent -hot- chili bowl? I need it desperately.
  6. Iznogud

    Movies In Castellano Para Todos Y Todas?

    What's going on? Wanted to watch 47 ronin at the theater and it's only shown in 3D and mostly dubbed in spanish, the rare showings in english with subtitles are during the evenings. I'm very dissappointed in 3D movies and rather watch the less sophisticated but a lot more gentle on my sight and...
  7. Iznogud

    Happy Festivus!

    For the rest of us.
  8. Iznogud

    And Now For Something Completely Different...

    I´m a married man since 1 PM. today. Message ends.
  9. Iznogud

    Need English Teacher For 12Yrs Old.

    Kid needs to prepare for the PET exam late November. Location Palermo. Please contact me by PM.
  10. Iznogud

    Power Shortage Anyone?

    For the past week my neighborhood, Caballito, has suffered long, excruciating power cuts. Haven't read a lot about them in the newspapers or reported by the media the way I expected or it is usually done. Has the $hit finally clogged the fan? Is this our current SNAFU level? Had to stop going...
  11. Iznogud

    Germany Repatriating Gold Reserves

    http://www.zerohedge...ld-new-york-fed Will they find any?
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    US DHS is saying users must temporarily disable Java. .>&ps=1018 The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is advising people to temporarily disable the Java software on their computers to avoid potential hacking attacks. Firefox has issued a Java related warning...
  13. Iznogud

    Have You Guys Seen The Moon Tonight.

    There appears to be a star sitting on top of it. A few minutes ago is was right at 12 o'clock
  14. Iznogud

    Happy Festivus!

  15. Iznogud

    11/29/12 This Week's Movie: Seven Psycopaths Hilarious! Loved every minute of it. Dark comedy, lots of blood and some action.
  16. Iznogud

    10/11/12 This week's movie: Looper Opened today. Sci-fi / action. Really enjoyed it. IMDB user review pretty much on the mark.
  17. Iznogud

    Chavez wins elections, we are screwed! :eek:
  18. Iznogud

    My oldest son got mugged for the 3rd time this year.

    Dammit! No harm done, probably just a scare. At Plaza Almagro, by three other "kids" probably his age. He's 15 and was always in the company of another kid, either my younguest son (11), as today, or a schoolmate. This happened already twice in front of the Subway or/and Burger King on Avda...
  19. Iznogud

    BEWARE: Dollar $3.70 at Ezeiza Where's the sack of doorknobs when you need it? These thieves are a disgrace! Talk about getting the right first impression...:mad:
  20. Iznogud


    Where can I find you? Had found a substitute at a nearby delicatessen store but they ran out of it maybe 4 months ago. They called it some sort of spanish chorizo but thin sliced it did the trick almost perfectly. Now am feeling "cold turkey".