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    Aerolineas Sale

    Did anyone book a domestic flight during the Aerolineas sale? How far into the future before you would be comfortable taking a trip within Argentina?
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    CBD oil

    Does anyone know where I can get CBD oil?
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    I see some really wonderful doors around BA. Does anyone know of a store or warehouse that sells doors?
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    Peso value

    I would love to see everyone’s prediction on the value of the Peso relative to USD at year end.
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    Brother ink cartridges

    I have several ink cartridge to sell. LC 103bk and LC 193 Cl.
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    Patio furniture

    Any suggestions on where to buy patio furniture?
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    I am trying to get to a Carrefours or something similar, if I start at the main train station downtown what line and stop is best? Thanks
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    Paying in USD

    Moving to BA. found an apartment I like but landlord will only accept payment in US cash. The landlord does not have a US based account and will not accept a check. Any other ideas on how I can pay that would possibly work, That will not cost me exorbitant fees, also I do not have a BA bank...
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    Looking for a neighborhood

    Coming to BA in a few weeks. Going to look for a place to live. 2 adults .no children. Any suggestions on what area is best? Working in the micro center area. Want to be near restaurants.
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    Citibank branches and atm locations

    Moving to Buenos Aries in May from the US. Was going to open a Citibank account in US and use the Argentina branch to pay bills but someone told me that Citibank has sold their Argentina branches. Needless to say, this would put a damper on my idea. Any truth to the sale? Thanks!