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    The Argentinian consulate in Lima gave me some sort of residency

    While we all complain about the ad hoc and improvisational nature of much of law enforcement in Argentina, it's heartening when it works in your favor. I can only imagine the relief you feel after being stuck in Lima for 4-5 months.
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    teleworking bill

    Like the passengers on the titanic voting to abolish maritime law.
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    For those of you without a full time job, what do you all do in Argentina?

    I'm in your demographic range, but don't live full time in BA. I'm there three months a year, working remotely. In BA I'm eating around, boozing, mastering Spanish (or what the Argentines like to call Spanish), sinking into maker/artisan culture, walking a lot. I'm super into architecture and...
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    CARES payments for US citizens lost cause if you are in Argentina?

    By all accounts, another $1200 is if the offing. All parties agree, legislation may be passed by Friday, and at any rate the Treasury Secretary said to expect payments starting in August.
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    Companies Flee Argentina, and Coronavirus Is Just One Reason

    I have a whole pro-growth program I'd implement, but one place where Bolsonaro is totally correct is his support ruthless death squads against the scumbags - only he should be targeting poachers, deforesters, murderers (ie. ranchers) to save and regrow the Amazon rain forest.
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    Argentina's history of slavery: should there be reparations?

    This entire thread is utterly delusional. Whenever the slave owning era of Argentina was, it's like five iterations ago, and plays zero part in the Argentine national consciousness. In America, every school kid learns there were slaves, in Argentina there's no interest or knowledge at all of...
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    Bolsonaro has a 'little flu'

    If you fear Covid-19, this isn't as positive as it might at first blush seem - if Bolsonaro gets through it with mild symptoms like more people do, he and a large swathe of the Brazilian population will be even more emboldened, and the lockdowns will lose a lot of legitimacy in the eyes of many...
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    Exporting products from Argentina

    McGarvey - you can also consider transshipments through Chile. There's something called the Generalized System of Preferences that Argentina is eligible for, which depends on the product, that is not nixed by transshipment, so long as it meets certain requirements, so that shipping overland to...
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    How Uruguay tamed the virus

    While I also spend a lot of time in the wonderland in which we could have avoided this whole thing with a few common sense actions, let's get real. Argentina is a giant country, the second in South America, and something like the 30th in the world. There's no way that Argentina could have...
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia

    I'm deeply skeptical about the value of dollarization, but if Menem had dollarized as he proposed, some of Argentina's problems would have been avoided, particularly on inflation.
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia

    ^ If he would have been a good president, there never would have been a 'what follows' type situation. He didn't cause the current situation, but he amped it up by a factor or 3-4x.
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia

    Seriously, like what are the odds that they stole only half a billion dollars? I'd be very surprised if, with investment/appreciation and the rest of all that money in the intermittent period, Menem doesn't die a dollar billionaire.
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    Carlos Menem admitted to hospital; severe pneumonia

    Negative for Covid 19. Mostly likely, he was exposed to daylight or garlic, possibly a silver cross. Instead of treating him with medications and oxygen machines, they should wheel in a coffin placed on the soil of his native Transylvania - he'll pop back to life in no time.
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    Argentinian government is taking over Vicentin?

    I say it again: while we can all predict the results, the alternative is a foreign company or country (eg. China) swooping in and acquiring this company. Better this is acquired, badly run, and eventually re-privatized in the future, than that it's acquired by the Chinese and basically another...
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    Argentinian government is taking over Vicentin?

    Actually, this is not bad. All the western countries are moving to protect their major companies from being acquired on the cheap by the Chinese and others (including us Americans). Argentina is doing it differently - buying instead of doing a review, I'd guess probably because they think...
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    Visa options post Corona

    Yep, rentista is really that low. However, it's not easy or quick.
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    Lockdown could last another 6 to 10 weeks

    They're protesting against the lockdown? For more money? Against the US' police forces?
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    They are selling stale bread

    That said, our water is absolutely amazing. It's piped in from Hetch Hetchy, up in Yosemite, and you'd have to go to the Rockies or Canada for better water. Truly outstanding. Also, on sourdough here. Boudin's is legendary but largely for the tourists. Next time you're up in SF, hit one of...
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    Arrest record during immigration?

    I'll meet you at the first available opportunity. Once they let me out of here, I'm on the road, 3 months back in BA. You want to debate, carp, complain, whatever - I'm in.
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    Arrest record during immigration?

    Okay, this really is my final post on this. I only mentioned the domestic because that's the most common crime that people plead out on when there's little evidence against them. And more broadly - I truly don't mean to be offensive. Especially if you're an older gentleman from the south of...