¿Donde esta Recoleta Carolina?

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soulskier said:
It is boring here without her. ¿Que paso?


I am still getting over my having been taken for the ride of my life buying property in your area! However, I think that I have recovered......:)

I still would give foreigners the same advice: that is, put a small (something that you can afford to lose) downpayment and pay the balance when you get title.

Other than that, I understand why you choose to live in this beautiful area. Alot of people that I know from the Lake Tahoe area find it to be exactly what they are looking for. I have to agree.
RC, welcome back to the party, it was lonely without you.

Agreed, we call Bariloche "Tahoe on steriods". I lived in Tahoe 18 years before meeting her big sister.

With the new resolution, that is exactly how the payments should go. A boleto and then final payment at escritura.
Recoleta Carolina is back in Buenos Aires Soulskier. I actually met her yesterday and have to say that in person she is one of the most funny intelligent person you could meet.
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