1-800 numbers from Argentina


Jun 2, 2009
Hey everybody,

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Does it cost anything to call a 1-800 number to the US from here? For example, would I able to do it from a phone booth without paying? If I call a 1-800 from my homestay's house phone (land line), would it cost them anything?


I'm asking because I need to talk to my bank back at home (BofA) and try to figure out how to access my checking acct without the massive fees I am currently facing.
800 numbers work fine with Skype. I don't think you can dial a 800 number from a Argentine land line.
You can call 800 numbers from a land line phone but you will be charged the international direct dial rate of the country the 800 number is in. Ie. If you are calling the US then you will be charged what it normally costs to call a regular US number.
I have no problem calling my investment company in Ohio on their toll-free 800 number, but first I connect with AT&T at 0-800-555-4288 and then use the 800 number. I have never paid for a call in ten years and call them monthly.
The skype method is great actually

i love not having to hold up a phone for 20 mins waiting in line and just being able to read the newspaper at nytimes while waiting for the rep.
Check online at BofA or when you do contact them ask if there is an international number...I have used it...just don't have it handy. It is an 800, but when it connects through there's a recording that states if this is an international call we do accept the charges.

If you have a cc through BofA...check the back of the card that might be where I located it.
Your local argentine land line will definitely be charged an international call to the states if you dial up an american toll free number, it will say so in both in spanish and english.

I didn't know about skype not charging these numbers though, that's really interesting!
Skype is the best option because you don't need credit or a plan to dial US and Canada toll free numbers. When I'm not around a computer with internet I just dial 000 and it connects me to the international call center of the phone company. I tell them that I need to make a collect call (llamada con cargo revertido) to a bank in the US and give them the number. They dial it for you and patch the call. VOILA! My bank (capital one) has a # that accepts international collect calls. So like EvergreenGal says, ask if BOA has a # that accepts intenational collect calls.

I googled and found these 2 numbers for BOA that accept international collect calls:

These are for credit cards, but maybe a rep can transfer the call if you need to check your bank accounts.

Check BofA website, there should be an international number and I'm pretty sure they still allow you to call collect.

Any ideas how to dial to a 0800 (toll-free) number in ARG from the US? I have searched all over and no fixes.

011-54-0800-###-#### (0800-222-3050)

No luck :(