1 Bedroom (Dos Ambientes) In Palermo


Mar 20, 2014
Hey, folks.

I'm moving out of my flat in Palermo, and the owner asked me if I'd help her find a new tenant. It'll be available on June 15th, so ideal for someone who has been caught short and needs a flat like now. To my mild annoyance, she's renting it for roughly 10% less than she charged me, grrrr. She wants to be paid in dollars, but you can haggle her down to accepting pesos, I'm sure. No escritura needed, just a month's rent as deposit.

It's a block and a half off Cordoba, near the intersection with Estado de Israel. One bedroom, what they call "dos ambientes" here in BsAs. Nice little balcony, gas oven, washer on the balcony but no dryer; Shared clothesline on a terrace.

It's third floor in US terms, but called 2nd floor here, because they count ground floor as zero rather than first.

The usual stuff is included, utilities, WiFi, landline phone, no hidden charges. I've been here two months, and it's been fine, no security problems. Neighbours in the building are all cool, just one couple has like 5 kids and they can be a bit noisy at times, but that's honestly been my only complaint.

Again, I'm just the current tenant moving out, I have no vested interest here and nothing to gain.

PM me for price and any questions, please. I'm sure I've forgotten something...